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Ukraine’s Got Talent: Alexander Shtifanov – Juggling / Bartending

We’ve seen a few juggling acts on America’s Got Talent, but honestly juggling hasn’t been able to catch my interest… til now. From Ukraine’s Got Talent we have Alexander Shtifanov with his own little juggling act:

The music in the above video includes:
Nirvana – Smells Like Teen Spirit
GeoDaSilva – I’ll Do You Like a Truck

August 23, 2012 I Written By

Amazing Baletaci on Ukraine’s Got Talent

I’m sorry, but the video of these 2 kids on Ukraine’s Got Talent (I think it’s Russia) is just amazing!! It takes a minute to get into it, but the judges expressions say it all. It’s just absolutely unbelievable what these kids are able to do at such a young age. It’s being called Baletaci (whatever that really means) and I hope that America’s Got Talent can bring some talent like this next season as well. Check out the video of Baletaci:

December 2, 2009 I Written By