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America’s Got Talent 5: First Group of Twelve

So the first group of twelve is up… how are they going to do? Out of this twelve America is able to choose their favorite top four to move on.

Feel free to leave your comments… I apologize for the delays for the music, the computer I usually use is occupied so music from Las Vegas week onwards is going to be delayed.

You are able to choose up to four acts.

As a quick note: Twisted Trystan and Krystan had to drop from the competition, so Nick Pike was brought in one week prior to filming to fill out the Top 48. Interesting that they chose a danger act to replace a danger act.

July 13, 2010 I Written By

America’s Got Talent 5: Las Vegas (Part 2)

So here it… who knows how many acts were in the ever so important Group A category as mentioned in the previous Las Vegas post. These acts were ones that the judges believed stand the best chance of moving on to Hollywood… every one of these acts were given the chance to audition once again for the judges.

In the primary lobby there were sheets set up in various categories breaking the acts down so they could practice together, and size up the competition. From here each group would be called up together where they would see each other perform from the wings. Talk about tension and competition.

I’ve managed to get a good list of categories and acts. So below is going to be all the acts that have gone on to Hollywood as broken down by category. I will try to list the audition city that we met various acts throughout the season thus far if applicable and link previous posts to them so you could learn more informtion about the acts that have made it thus far.

And now, without further ado… Group A!

Maricar: Painting (Los Angeles)
Sally Cohn: Hand Whistler (Portland)

Murray Sawchuck (Orlando)
Chipps Cooney: Comedic Magician (New York)

John Beatty: Strongman (Chicago)
Twisted Trystan & Krystan: Side Show Performers (Orlando)
Antonio Restivo: Fire Magician (New York)

AscenDance Project: Rock Climbing Dance (Portland)
Rudi Macaggi (New York)

Hip Hop Dance
Wreckless Dance Crew (Orlando)
Lindsey Stirling: Violinist/Dancer (Final Auditions)
Studio One Young Beast Society (Orlando)

Bollywood Dance
Mona Sampath Dance Company (Los Angeles)

Tap Dance
The Hot Shot Tap Dancers (Portland)

Ballroom Dance
Anna & Patryk (New York)

Youth Performers
CJ Dippa (Dallas)
Lil Chris (Orlando)

Harmonica Pierre Herbineaux (Portland)

Doogie Horner (New York)

Classical Singers
Hannibal Means (Los Angeles)
Prince Poppycock (New York)

Female Singers
Mary Ellen: Yodeler (New York)
Alice Tan Ridley (New York)
Debra Romer (Chicago)

Male Singers
Taylor Matthews (Dallas)
Michael Grimm (Los Angeles)

July 7, 2010 I Written By

America’s Got Talent 5: Orlando Auditions Day One

I want to apologize for the delay, I was out last night and I had set the VCR to record, but it didn’t so I had to wait til the show was posted on

So sorry for the delay. As always any information you can add on to below would be greatly appreciated… either leave a comment or just contact us.

Anyway, here are the auditions from Orlando Florida!!!

Orlando Auditions Day One:

Nick Pike: Juggling Performance

Kruti Dance Academy: Bollywood Dance Troupe
Facebook Page

Lil Chris: Singer/Dancer

Jayna Lee: Strongwoman

Elaine Terranova aka Mama T: Singer

Nathaniel Kenyon: Singer/Musician

Twisted Trystan & Krystan: Side Show Performers
MySpace Page: Trystan

Wreckless: Street Dance Troupe
MySpace Page

June 17, 2010 I Written By