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G-Force Videos Before America’s Got Talent

I first was introduced to G-Force back in February. Turns out they were good enough to make it at least to Las Vegas on America’s Got Talent 2009. It’s always fun to check out a group before they were on America’s Got Talent. Plus, they showed so little of G-force on America’s Got Talent, that it’s nice to see some full length videos of Emily (11-vocals/guitar), Hannah (9-bass), Olivia (7-drums). Olivia is definitely my favorite.

G-Force live!! The girls first music video recorded January 13th 2008 at The Savannah Bar and Grille in Westlake, Ohio

Girlfriend Avril Lavigne - Girlfriend - Single - Girlfriend by Avril Lavigne Performed by G-Force

Now I just hope that The Understudies make it on America’s Got Talent so that we can have a battle of the kid bands.

June 27, 2009 I Written By

America’s Got Talent Hopeful – The Understudies

I’ve previously posted a bunch of people’s Americas’s Got Talent audition videos. A bunch of great talent. I think they also appreciate those people who provide them feedback on their performance in the comments. Feedback (both good and bad) is the best way to improve so that you do better in the audition.

AJ recently wrote a comment on this site asking for me to post his band’s video. AJ is part of a group of young men who make up The Understudies. The following is a video of The Understudies covering Seven Nation Army by The White StripesThe White Stripes - Elephant - Seven Nation Army.

Let the members of The Understudies know what you think of their band. It’s kind of fun to see a group of young people have a band. I think that might be something we haven’t seen on the show before and something the producers might like to have on the show.

February 23, 2009 I Written By