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America’s Got Talent Season 7: Second Semifinals Top Three

Since I am overseas at the moment… this is why this particular post is particularly late. 😉

Just as I have done in the previous semifinals post I will simply post what I originally thought of the three acts that have made it through into the finals and what I would like to see happen.

But first the following acts that have made it through to the finals:
1: Olate Dogs
2: The Untouchables
3: David Garibaldi and his CYMKs
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September 9, 2012 I Written By

America’s Got Talent Season 7 Videos

In case you missed or want to watch again some of the acts from the America’s Got Talent Season 7, we’ve embedded them below. Which ones were your favorites on last night’s show?

King of the Nut Shots
A man named Horse demonstrates his unique and amazing ability to tolerate groin shots that would make an average man cry like a baby

Max the Acrobat
Max the Acrobat impresses the judges with an amazing aerial gymnastics routine.

Jason Cordero
Young Jason Cordero impresses the judges with his incredible piano skills.

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May 22, 2012 I Written By

The Olate Dogs Act Wow Howie, Sharon and Move Forward on America’s Got Talent 2012

The Olate Dogs. This was an act on America’s Got Talent 2012 I was hesitant about before it began, but in the end, was pleasantly surprised. Here’s the audition:

The judges (and audience) seemed to be very impressed. Howie and Sharon both said it was the most amazing animal act they had ever seen. I decided to do a bit of searching to find the story behind the Olate Dogs. The appearance on America’s Got Talent isn’t the first time they’ve been seen, that’s for sure.

Richard and Rebecca Olate run dog housing in Houston, Texas, and Richard trains and creates entertaining shows with some of the dogs. He has been featured on shows like the Today Show, Regis and Kelly, and 60 Minutes. In addition, The Olates have traveled around the world, performing in circuses and other performances.

As I perused in the Internet and their Facebook page, I found them to already have tons of adoring fans. To put it simply, they are pretty popular. I think the act tonight was pretty cool, and I look forward to seeing how far they make it to AGT. Have any of you seen them perform? Do you think this is a million dollar act?

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