Prospects for AGT Las Vegas Week per Yaoi Huntress Earth

Well, we’ve all been really busy here at Pure America’s Got Talent and so we haven’t been able to provide the commentary that we usually offer. However, Yaoi Huntress Earth has provided commentary in the comments of this post on the various day 2 acts potential in Las Vegas. Here’s her write up:

As for Day 2’s passed acts…

Echo of Animal Gardens (Animal Trainer): It was nice, but wasn’t there another bird act earlier?
Vegas Week: She’s going to have to do more if she wants to go farther. The parrot singing alone isn’t going to cut it as a Vegas act.

Mrs. Smith (Performance Artist): Sorta reminds me of Mary Ellen except with some talent and is a lot less painful on the eyes. Not a bad guitarist.
Vegas Week: Unless she can expand what she does, I don’t see her going beyond that. I’ll be interested to see what Peirs thinks.

Saint Luke’s Bottle Band (Bottle Band): Fun just for how odd they are. I would like to see them take on some more contemporary stuff next time.
Vegas Week: Their novelty might get them into the Top 40, especially if they can do a variety of music.

Lys Agnes (Opera Singer): I normally have a problem with singer who could compete on any generic singing show appearing on this one, but I’ll admit she’s really good and very pretty (just love her hair).
Vegas Week: Unless she really screws up, she’s a shoe-in for the Top 40.

The Midget Dancer: As much as I like midgets, I wouldn’t have put her through.
Vegas Week: I predict Vegas Week will be where it ends.

Those Funny Little People (Variety Act): They remind me of the Zupper Stars. Cute in a creepy way for a little while, but then I wanted to see them do more. Though it was funny when they were tormenting Piers.
Vegas Week: It could go either way.

The Silhouettes (Dancers): That was beautiful and one of the best auditions I’ve seen this year.
Vegas Week: They’ll pass and if they do what they did last year with giving ten acts an automatic slot, I could see them getting it.

The Kinetic King: That was very unique and fun, but I wonder how he’d sustain a show or top that.
Vegas Week: About a 70% chance of going through.