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Vote for America’s Got Talent 2009 Winner

The performances are over and now it’s time to vote for your favorite America’s Got Talent season 4 finalists. No, this isn’t official. It’s just for fun, but should give a pretty good idea of who are people’s favorite talent on this season of America’s Got Talent. So, vote for who you want to be the winner of America’s Got Talent.

Of course, no matter who is the winner of America’s Got Talent, we’re going to see most of the above list at the America’s Got Talent live show in Las Vegas.

September 14, 2009 I Written By

First 5 America’s Got Talent 2009 Finalists

Well, last night was kind of the end of the lameness that has been America’s Got Talent this year. Let’s just say that the show is trying far too hard. They need to just sit back and let us enjoy the talent and the built in drama of the good and bad. Free the judges to say what they really think and get some judges unlike the Hoff and Sharon who can’t tell us what they really feel about the acts for fear of backlash.

Ok, now that I got that out. Here’s the first 5 finalists:
Fab Five – Definitely deserving of the finals. They were spot on. It was a little cruel of the show to try and act like they were going to be eliminated. Sharon did a pretty nice job, but Piers and Hoff made it look totally scripted. Oh well, at least the Fab Five made it and they deserved it.

Grandma Lee – I can’t say Grandma Lee was all that good, but I’m ok with the token act to make it in when they’re as cute as Grandma Lee and they’re living such a special dream for them. Grandma Lee has never been as good as what the judges have said. However, we can all love her for being there and doing her thing. So, I’m cool with this one.

Kevin Skinner – This is a shame for me. I know a lot of people who read this site love Kevin Skinner and have made up all sorts of excuses for why he sucked in his performance. I’ve never been a fan of him and so I don’t know why I’d start now. However, as I said in one of my comments on this site, he’s got 2 thing that America loves: humility and a great story.

Texas Tenors – I actually have mixed feelings about this group. The blonde guy is a star and once they start singing together it’s a hot mess (I stole that description from one of my readers since it described them so well). So, the Blonde guy should be in the finals, but the other 2 shouldn’t.

The Voices of Glory – I’d have kicked these guys off just for being dumb and not forcing the producers to let the sister sing the whole time. Piers said it before and he was right. The sister has the potential to be a star. The brothers are nothing but a drag right now.

Now to those who were sent home…

Acrodunk really deserved it. So much for variety.

Paradizo Dance was cute, but had kind of run their course.

Drew Thomas Magic did kind of disappoint, but I’ll admit I’m a bit surprised that his daughter’s cuteness didn’t pull him through. She’s a star in my book for sure.

Tony and Rory. Seriously, do I have to talk about this one? Shouldn’t have been there in the first place.

Arcadian Broad will be remembered for a long time to come. I hope we find out if there was any fall out from his comments. However, I don’t think we will. I hope he keeps dancing and we’ll see him on So You Think You Can Dance once he’s old enough to compete on it.

September 3, 2009 I Written By

America’s Got Talent 2009 Top 40

I haven’t had a chance to do a writeup about tonight’s episode of America’s Got Talent where they finalized the America’s Got Talent top 40. However, just because I’m behind I didn’t see any reason that I should post the full list of America’s Got Talent 2009 top 40.

Pete Peterkin (impressionist)
Arcadian Broad (13 year old dancer)
AcroDunk (acrobatic basketball dunkers)
Platt Brothers (Pantomimers, dancers, and acrobats)
Recycled Percussion (percussion group)
David Johnson (Hasselhoff singer)
Thia Megia (14 year old singer)
G Force (dance band of young girls)
Erik & Rickie (8 year old dance couple)
Mosaic (a capella singers)
Texas Tenors (singing trio)
Manuela Horn (yodeling dominatrix)
The Fab Five (clogging sisters)
Drew Thomas (illusionist)
Hairo Torres (break dancing contortionist)
Lawrence Beamen (bass singer)
Kevin Skinner (singer)
Paradizo Dance (acrobatic dancers)
Ishaara (bollywood dancers)
FootworkKINGz (dance group)
Jeffrey Ou (pianist)
Eleisha Miller (singer and pianist)
Mario & Jenny (chainsaw juggler)
Marcus Terrell (singer)
BreakSk8 (break dancers on roller skates)
Voices of Glory (singing trio)
Barbara Padilla (opera singer)
Chris Allison (ate a lightbulb)
Rockin’ Rory (flying disc dog act)
Pam Martin and Viva (dancing dog)
Carol Lugo (62 year old dancer)
Charles DeWayne Dorsey (singer and pianist)
Pixie Mystere (preteen gymnastic troupe)
Grandma Lee (standup comic)
African High Flyers (acrobats)
Alizma (triplet violinists)
Anthony Morigerato & Matt Lucas (guitarist and tap dancer duo)
EriAm Sisters (trio of sisters)
BRI (singer and pianist)
Mia Boostrom (singer)

I think this will be a pretty interesting group of performances. I still think this is a bit of a down year for America’s Got Talent. I don’t see many (if any) real superstars in this list. However, it should still be quite entertaining and fun to hear their stories and see these people live their dreams.

July 29, 2009 I Written By

Major Losses on America’s Got Talent – Tallan, Cari and The Spiritual Harmonizers

Yesterday I think that the America’s Got Talent world was rocked. My email box and America’s Got Talent twitter account have been slammed with people complaining about those sent home on yesterday’s episode of America’s Got Talent. So, I decided to pay a bit of homage to the three acts which keep coming up over and over.

Tallan Noble Latz
This was the biggest shock for me. He was the 9 year old electric guitarist who rocked the stage and was a pretty big fan favorite. What he was the most was memorable. I couldn’t believe it when he was sent home at the airport. Sadly, I think he was a memorable face and a casualty of America’s Got Talent wanting a bit of a shock factor. Jay Mattioli (magician) was a close second and Ciana Pelekai (little Hawaiian girl that sang) a close third. However, no one has been more revered (at least by fans of this site) than Tallan getting sent home.

Many are asking if anything can be done for Tallan to get back on the show. I think the simple answer is it’s far too late and there’s nothing we can do. Although, I got a short message on Twitter about Tallan performing somewhere else. If I get more details I’ll post them for Tallan fans.

Kari Callin
Kari was really America’s Got Talent trying to pull an American Susan Boyle. Instead, I think Kevin Skinner is going to fill that role. So, Kari had to go. However, many loved her, her story and her voice. I was never personally a big fan. She just wasn’t as good in her performance as above mentioned Susan Boyle. I personally think it would have been an injustice for Kari to go on with all the other great singing talent on the show. However, many people seem to disagree with me. Not really sure why.

The Spiritual Harmonizers
You might remember these post office singers. I loved these people’s stories and the front man was pretty good. However, when I think about the other group singing acts, I’m ok with them not going on. Maybe I’m also biased since I’ve seen some really incredible a capella groups. However, it was a bit of a shock for me that they didn’t make it since they’re story was such a good one.

In other quick hits…
Tony Ferrante couldn’t have left quicker for me. Glad he’s gone.

I was a little shocked the Texas Tenors made it to the top 40. Just seem average to me.

I can’t wait to see what else David Johnson brings. Although, I think it will be impossible for him to do better than his audition song about David Hasselhoff.

I’m still a big fan of G Force even if I’m biased since they first appeared on this site before they made it on the show.

Pete Peterkin is probably my only complaint in the America’s Got Talent top 40. He’s ok, but not great. I think he only made the AGT top 40 because there weren’t any other impressionists and the show needed just a little more variety.

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for the America’s Got Talent top 40 to start showing their stuff.

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