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PureAGT Season 8 POLL: Did Catapult “Rip Off” Silhouettes?

Whilst browsing around on YouTube for a clip of Catapult’s performance on last week’s premiere, I noticed something odd: almost every video of them posted had a slew of comments from angry viewers claiming that they had “ripped off” season 6 runner-up Silhouettes.  Here’s a video of them to jog your memory:

A few overseas viewers also accused Catapult of copying Attraction, the winner of the most recent season of Britain’s Got Talent:

Now while I agree that all three acts are very similar, I also think that there’s very, very few acts on any of the Talent franchises that are truly original anymore – I think it’s all been done before, and everyone’s just trying to make their mark and somehow put a fresh spin on their act.  So to really accuse any of the three of “ripping off” one another? Not really fair, IMO.  If you’re going to call out Catapult for copying Silhouettes, then you may as well call out Lightwire Theater from last season for copying Team iLuminate from season 6, and Angela Hoover for copying season 6’s Melissa Villasenor.  Almost every act shares some similarities with a previous act.

Truth be told, I was never really wowed by what Silhouettes did – just seemed like a lot of running from place to place making shapes while some schmaltzy song played.  What I like about Catapult, though, is that they actually create pictures that move, and tend to tell a story – Silhouettes seemed like they just went with a theme, as opposed to an actual narrative with a beginning, middle, and end.  Haven’t really had a chance to compare either of the two to Attraction, beyond the video I posted above, but all three appear to have different strengths & weaknesses.  But what do you think?

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Final 4 Acts Going to America’s Got Talent 2011 Semifinals

Time to look at the final 4 contestants that made it to the semifinals of America’s Got Talent 2011. Check out my analysis of the other AGT 2011 semifinalists. The biggest surprise of the night was that no singers made it through this night. Don’t worry though, 2 of the acts were dance groups. Although, Team iLuminate is so much more than just dance. I was sorry that Taylor Davis didn’t make it through. He’s one of the only singers I’ve enjoyed this year. I’d have liked him to do well. I guess I also love to see humility rewarded.

Now on to the last 4 AGT 2011 semifinalists:
Zuma Zuma – I was impressed that they took their act to the next level with the poles. Makes me wonder how much they’d practiced on the poles. It was a little hard to watch since the special guests did a similar act. Knowing that other pros do it already is a little bit of a downer. Although, I love their spirit and I hope they find something great to show in the semifinals as well.

Melissa Villasenor – I can’t figure out what it is that I love about Melissa, but I have this emotional (good emotional) reaction whenever I see her on camera. I’ve loved her ever since her audition. Last night wasn’t quite as good as her audition, but I’d still like to see a lot more of her. There’s something fantastic about her that makes me want to watch her. I honestly can’t figure out the secret. Either way, I’m so glad she made it through.

Fatally Unique – Hard to argue with their story and America loves a good story. Unfortunately, in the semi finals the storyline groups usually get sent home. I love Fatally Unique’s heart. Their choreography and dance skills aren’t over the top amazing, but their heart is beautiful to watch and enjoy.

Team iLuminate – Piers was dead on when he said it was a million dollar act. This could be produced into a million dollar Vegas show very easily. The only reason it won’t be in Vegas is if they decide to do it in LA or NY instead of Vegas. However, it fits Vegas perfectly. Add in a bit more choreography and time to program and perfect the lights with the choreography and I can see a very long running show using this technology. As a nerd lover of dance, this is right up my alley too.

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America’s Got Talent Top 48 Performance Videos

Team iLuminate Performs!
Team iLuminate takes the stage!

Fatally Unique Performs!
Fatally Unique takes the stage!

Yellow Designs Stunt Team Performs!
Yellow Designs Stunt Team takes the stage!

The Kinetic King Performs!
The Kinetic King takes the stage!

Zuma Zuma Performs!
Zuma Zuma takes the stage!

Melissa Villasenor Performs!
Melissa takes the stage!

Taylor Davis Performs!
Taylor Davis takes the stage

August 3, 2011 I Written By