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Jessica Price and Her Band Trying to Open for Kiss

I’m sure many of you remember Jessica Price (one of my favorite acts ever on America’s Got Talent). Well, I guess she’s singing in a band (I think I posted some videos of her band before) and they have a chance to open for Kiss in Michigan. Here’s the email I got about the opportunity:

Hi. Remember Jessica Price? Well her band is in a competition to open for KISS in Detroit, Michigan. However, they need some more votes. The top five bands get an audition for the gig so if you could please go to and under Detroit Metro Area vote for Jessica Price band, they would really appreciate it. Voting ends Saturday!

Thank you very much,

Let’s support Jessica and vote for her band.

August 27, 2010 I Written By

America’s Got Talent Second Top 40 Episode

Time again for another episode of the America’s Got Talent top 40. I’m still waiting for it here on the west coast. So, I decided I’d post who I wanted to see most. Yes, you probably guessed it. I want to see the Eriam Sisters perform. They’re the only act on this season that really knocked my socks off. Usually there are a couple that I go on and watch their audition episode over and over. For example, I still go back and watch Jessica Price and Eli Mattson‘s audition performances. They were both awesome performances that I love hearing over and over again. The Eriam Sisters are the same for me.

Who do you love listening to? Who performed on tonight’s episode of America’s Got Talent that you loved or hated? Let’s hear what you think.

August 11, 2009 I Written By

Insights About America’s Got Talent from Jessica Price

I’ve started going through some of the blog posts I’d started and never finished and I came upon some great insights from Jessica Price about her experience participating on America’s Got Talent. I should say that Jessica Price was my favorite from the start, but this interview just added to my fandom.

The following excerpts are from this interview:

She considers the “amazing” experience her most personally challenging, she said.

It didn’t make it any easier that the producers “kind of pick out everything for you,” she said.

She didn’t choose her wardrobe. And she chose the songs she performed each week from three that were selected for her. Two of the songs were “songs they knew you wouldn’t pick anyway,” Price said with a smile.

“I wasn’t able to be me,” she reflected.

One more that was pretty interesting to think about:

“It’s weird having tons of fans and not having anything to give them,” she said. “I’m excited to make a CD so that they can … have something.”

I’m currently working with a couple people close to Jessica Price to try and get an update on what she’s been doing since America’s Got Talent.

Until then, sign up to audition for Season 4 of AGT so that I can be writing about you next.

January 21, 2009 I Written By

Pictures of Neal Boyd and Jessica Price Behind the Scenes of America’s Got Talent

These are some really nice candid pictures of Neal Boyd and Jessica Price behind the scenes of America’s Got Talent. My favorite picture is the one with Neal Boyd giving Jessica Price a hug.

Enjoy the pictures of Neal Boyd and Jessica Price:

October 9, 2008 I Written By

Picture of Eli Mattson and Jessica Price’s Sister

Eli Mattson was definitely a fan favorite. I have a feeling that a ton of Eli Mattson fans will be jealous of Jessica Price’s sister. I could be wrong, but I think a ton of girls would love to have Eli Mattson wrap his arm around them.

Enjoy the photograph of Eli Mattson behind the scenes of America’s Got Talent:

Eli Mattson and Jessica Price's Sister

Eli Mattson and Jessica Price's Sister

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Picture of Nuttin But Stringz’ and Jessica Price’s Sister

Enjoy this picture of Nuttin But Stringz’ and Jessica Price’s sister behind the scenes of America’s Got Talent.

Nuttin But Stringz' with Jessica Price's Sister

Nuttin But Stringz' with Jessica Price's Sister

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Elvis Comforts Jessica Price After America’s Got Talent Show

The following pictures are some of my very favorite pictures. It just seems fitting for Elvis to comfort Jessica Price after they both were sent home on America’s Got Talent.

Enjoy the pictures of Joseph Hall (Elvis) and Jessica Price.

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Queen Emily and Jessica Price Behind the Scenes of America’s Got Talent

This is the beginning of a series of posts with pictures of Jessica Price with a number of the other America’s Got Talent Contestants behind the scenes of America’s Got Talent.

The following are pictures of Queen Emily with Jessica Price and her family:

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Faryl Smith (Britain’s Got Talent) versus Jessica Price (America’s Got Talent)

A very astute reader pointed out the fact that Faryl Smith from Britain’s Got Talent performed the same song as Jessica Price did on America’s Got Talent. They both performed Sarah McLachlan “Angel” Sarah McLachlan - Surfacing - Angel.

Take a look at the following videos to compare the 2 performances.

Faryl Smith performing “Angel” Sarah McLachlan - Surfacing - Angel on Britain’s Got Talent

Jessica Price performing “Angel” Sarah McLachlan - Surfacing - Angel on America’s Got Talent

Both beautiful girls with beautiful voices. I think that Jessica Price definitely had a much better presentation. The white and the almost floating like an angel was awesome. They have such different style of voices that I don’t think it’s worth comparing. They were both great and I’d love to see both perform. I will say that my personal preference is for Jessica Price’s style. I’d love to just spend an evening listening to Jessica Price sing. Hopefully one day I’ll get that opportunity. Anyone heard what’s happened with Faryl Smith since the show?

Britain’s Got Talent starts in early 2009. I’m planning on posting about the show. Only question is whether I should post it on this blog or on a separate one. I’m thinking I’ll post it on this one. Any thoughts?

October 6, 2008 I Written By

Ranking My Personal America’s Got Talent Favorites

I previously projected who I thought would win America’s Got Talent. However, I thought it might be more fun to give my favorite 5 performers from this season of America’s Got Talent season 4. A really hard job to narrow them down to 5, but here goes.

1. Jessica Price – This is really a no brainer if you’ve been reading my blog. I really enjoy listening to her sing and Jessica Price’s first AGT performance will rank as one of my favorite AGT performances ever.

2. Russian Bar Trio – Turns out this is relatively popular, but the fact that I had never seen it until AGT shoots them near the top of my list. Probably the most exciting and jaw dropping act ever done on AGT.

3. Eli Mattson – He had me at Walking in Memphis

4. Junior & Emily – Some absolutely smokingly fast salsa dancing. I know how hard it is to go that fast. Exciting to watch since you can never look away. I would have loved to see what other performances they could have brought to the show.

5. Holly Hardin – What can I say? Not the best singer by any stroke of the imagination. I think I was stolen away by her accent, naivety and pure genuine goodness (or is that the same as naivety?). She wasn’t bad on the eyes either. Regardless, I thoroughly enjoyed all of her performances.

September 27, 2008 I Written By