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Final 5 America’s Got Talent 4 Finalists

The pairings in this episode of AGT weren’t good at all. Maybe it was just me, but it was really predictable. A couple locks (Barbara and Lawrence). Hairo was more popular than the little kids. Recycled Percussion did a much better performance than Mario and Jenny.

Of course, if you’ve read this blog the only group I’ve ever been really excited over was the EriAm Sisters. I think they have the most potential in this season and they’re the only act that has given me chills this season. So, obviously I hate that Drew Stevyns made it through and the EriAm Sisters did not. I guess it proves the fact that it’s a bunch of women and little girls who are voting for the cute boy. Grrrrr…that’s all I have to say about that. I’ll miss the EriAm sisters. I hope they somehow get invited to perform in the AGT Las Vegas show. Otherwise, I’m not sure I want to go.

I think the show actually did a pretty good job of trying to say that it was just the judges who decided to only put through 5 instead of 4. However, maybe that was just good cutting. Still felt like they had it planned the whole way to me.

Yes, this season is going down as extremely disappointing for me. Let’s just get it over and get on to next year’s talent;-)

September 9, 2009 I Written By

Final America’s Got Talent Semi-finals Performance Show

We’ve been having a lot of discussion going on about the various episodes of America’s Got Talent. I’m still watching the show, but I figured I’d post the thread for other people to start discussing the show. I’ll add my review of tonight’s semi final performance show once I’m done watching. One thing is certain. I was right that tonight’s episode of America’s Got Talent is packed with at least twice as much talent as last week.

Time for my thoughts:

Barbara Padilla – Absolute lock for the finals. I’m not a huge fan myself, but I’ll admit that her performance tonight was her best yet. She’s also smart (or the producers are) for her to sing Ave Maria which is a special song for many people. She’s also got the cancer vote which I think is much larger than anyone would probably think. I’m not sure that’s the most politically correct thing to say, but I think that a lot of cancer survivors want to help other cancer survivors. That’s not a knock. I do the same thing with people I relate to. Either way, you can guarantee she’ll be in the finals.

Drew Stevyns – His song was a bit disappointing for me. I love him last time. He does seem to have the potential star quality in his performance. Although, I think in tonight’s performance he was a little too concerned about the camera. I’m not sure he’s a superstar, but I’ll admit that I’d love to hear him sing some more songs.

EriAm Sisters – If you’ve read for a while, you know I’m a huge fan of these sisters. They did have a slow start to their song, but once they got going it was amazing. In fact, it was the first time I got chills this season. There talent is amazing. How old is the youngest girl again? Oh, that’s right – 12. Seriously amazing voice. Too bad she looks older than 12.

Erik and Rickie – They should have stuck with a nice fast song where they could rock it out like they did in their audition. It just seemed slow and labored to me. Still cute as all get out. Plus, their interview section was the best of the entire show.

FootworKINGz – The producers ruined this act for me. I don’t think anyone can seriously think that FootworKINGz would have chosen to do power rangers. If they did, then I apologize to the producers, but I’ll never believe that power rangers would have been on these dancers minds. The song aside, the boots they wore were horrible also. Didn’t show very well the footworking they did. Horrible outcome for me.

Hairo Torres – He’s unique, but I’m pretty sure he didn’t do enough to go on. I wonder if he’ll head over to SYTYCD. He’d be great in the auditions of SYTYCD.

Jeffrey Ou – Wrong song. Not enough energy. The story of him getting a girlfriend was priceless. I’m quite sure he doesn’t give a rip about winning this show. He got himself a lady thanks to AGT. Beautiful!!

Lawrence Beamen – I thought this was his best performance. Maybe Piers likes the old school stuff, but I didn’t. I also can’t help but wonder what religious group he was with as a kid. I think he’s almost as close a lock as Barbara. I’d never pay to go see him, but he’s OK for me.

Mario and Jenny – What were they thinking? Bad Tapping. Bad Drumming. No danger. Pole dancing. Just all wrong. Worst performance they could have ever done.

Recycled Percussion – This group rocked it. I think the concept is actually the best part. I’m not sure the 4 guys are going to be the best to perform the concept. However, I could see a show like this in Vegas. It’s like a mix of Blue Man Group and Stomp. 2 popular Las Vegas shows.

Some great acts are going to be sent home tomorrow.

September 8, 2009 I Written By

America’s Got Talent Third Quarterfinals Result Show

This was without a doubt the absolute best quarterfinals performance of America’s Got Talent history. What kind of pisses me off is that I think that the producers did this on purpose to add to the drama. It’s just unfortunate, since a dog act went through last week and so many incredibly talented groups below got sent home. Ok, I’m glad I got that off my chest.

Now on to an analysis of the pairings and who was sent home.

Jeffrey Ou won over Bri
This was the heartbreak of the night. No one wanted Jeffrey Ou to go home since he had technical difficulties that made it seem unfair. However, Bri did a nice performance too. I think Bri has a good future. Piers was right about her being kind of like a Katy Perry or Amy Whinehouse(sp?). Bri just needs the right opportunity. Too bad it wasn’t America’s Got Talent. That said, I’m happy to see Jeffrey Ou perform again.

Lawrence Beamen won over Jay Mattioli and Dave Johnson
This was the least amount of surprise for the night. Dave Johnson choked. Jay was a bit amateurish. I still say Lawrence Beamen is overrated.

Mario and Jenny won over Marcus and the Serenades
I was happy about this one. Marcus kind of disappointed me. The Serenades were still horrible and I think it was the wrong song to show off Marcus’ talents. I don’t know why I like Jenny so much. Maybe it’s just how hard she tries to perform that I love. I like passion and heart and she has it. I’m not sure where Mario and Jenny go from here though. Should be fun to see. They definitely have vegas in them though.

Hairo Torres won over GForce and U4ria
I was really fine with Hairo Torres and GForce going through. I was sad that one couldn’t go through. I would have preferred GForce, but I’ll enjoy seeing Hairo again too. U4ria was good, but as I predicted too weird for America.

FootworKINGz got picked over Pixie Mystere
I was a little disappointed in the judges pick here. They based it on Pixie’s future. Come on. Base it on talent. Pixie had more talent and had a greater potential as a Las Vegas show. I’d love to see FootworKINGz for a nice 30 minute stop, but not more. It got far too repetitive for me and basically boring after a little while.

August 20, 2009 I Written By

America’s Got Talent Top 40 – Group 3

Tonight was by far the best night of the America’s Got Talent top 40. Piers was dead on when he said that it was likely the best episode ever in the America’s Got Talent top 40. The sad part for me is that I bet that the producers planned it this way. I hate that since a bunch of great acts aren’t going to make it through and a few mediocre acts made it through on previous episodes of America’s Got Talent.

That said, here’s some of my thoughts about the episode and the videos from the America’s Got Talent quarterfinals for season 4.

Jay Mattioli

Jay did a nice performance. It was basic tricks. I give him credit for fighting back when Piers and the judges said it was basic. The kid has the passion and a lot of people were pissed when he didn’t make it to the top 40, so I give him a long shot to go on.


Nice act. The smoke got in the way at the beginning and kind of tainted the act a little. For me the biggest problem is that more than what they did on this show would be pretty boring. I wouldn’t want to go and watch an entire show of this.

Marcus Terrell and the Serenades

Not going anywhere. The backup singers weren’t really much better than his previous ladies.

Dave Johnson

He could never live up to the Hoff song. However, it was nice to see him try.


Was anyone else bugged by the way her leg was split out. I think she was trying to face the cameras/judges, but it felt awkward. I’m not sure it’s the best song for her, but she has some talent. She just needs the right songs to make her special.

U4RIA Dance Crew

Great great performance. I’m just afraid it’s probably too out there to put them through to the next round. Too bad since it was awesome. Maybe on a different night.

Hairo Torres

Very cool tricks. It’s just too bad he’s a one trick pony. I hope he turns up on So You Think You Can Dance or America’s Best Dance Crew or something.

Mario and Jenny

Great act. Kind of slowed down and had a weak ending. Sadly, it’s such a great night I think they may be left out.


This wasn’t the best performance. The vocals were bad, but I do think the comparison to Jonas brothers is great. Plus, the 8 year old drummer I just absolutely adore. Too bad they’re on a great night since I’d like to see them again.

Jeffrey Ou

The opening was too long and the dancers weren’t needed. The rest we can’t judge. He deserves another chance for that.

Lawrence Beaman

He’s got talent, but not the way the judges and even Nick gushed over him.

Pixie Mystere

I disagree with the judges. I say more contortion and less dancing. I was glad to finally see a full act from the Pixies

Tonight is the reason that I love America’s Got Talent. A wide variety of great talent. I just wish that the entire America’s Got Talent top 40 had been this good. Then, this season would be soooo much better.

August 18, 2009 I Written By