Eurovision, Kickstarter, and American Idol: AGT Alumni Update

WARNING: The following post contains spoilers for the current season of American Idol. (As in, results that have yet to air on television.)

I’m waaaay late on this post and for that I apologize. We’ve gotten a lot of new info on the upcoming installments of AGT and BGT (including a cast change) and I’m setting up another article for all those new developments which I’ll get up on here ASAP. But for now, some big things have been happening with AGT alumni so today I’m going to get those updates out of the way. (Alumni Updates in general are going to be taking a backseat going forward as we get closer to the return of the shows themselves).

I know I complain about the gaggle of “karaoke” singers on America’s Got Talent and tend to root for almost anyone else to win, but when the season ends and everyone moves forward in their careers, I genuinely wish all of them the best, and I’ve been so happy to see how well several of them have been doing lately. Season 12’s Mike Yung is crowdfunding an album through Kickstarter. He just met his goal, but you can still donate if you would like any of the rewards, which you can learn more about here.

Johnny Manuel, also from Season 12, has some exciting news: he is part of a group called Equinox who will be representing Bulgaria in this year’s Eurovision competition! Check out their song below.

Season 12 runner-up Angelica Hale was on Little Big Shots this week. She was interviewed by Steve Harvey and of course sang a song as well! (Fellow finalist – and season champion – Darci Lynne Farmer will appear on the Kids Choice Awards broadcast this weekend.)

And speaking of television appearances by alumni…the final and arguably biggest development to share is that Season 9 contestant Mara Justine‘s audition for American Idol recently aired (again, I know I’m way late on this).

As spoiled a while back, Mara moved on the the next round, and thanks to IdolPad we now know that she is one of the Top 14 contestants, which I believe means we will be seeing her in the live shows later this spring!