America’s Got Talent 5: Portland Auditions Day One

Portland auditions… this is new, isn’t it? It was an interesting show overall… I did notice that one of the acts that passed through to Vegas actually auditioned in Chicago (I would know, I was there)… so knowing that kind of makes me wonder how much editing is there over all?

Just some food for thoughts.

As always the acts below are the ones that passed on to Vegas with any links that I was able to find right off the bat. If you have any information to add to the below feel free to either leave a comment or contact us.

Portland Auditions Day One:

Jeremy Vanschoonhoven – Cyclist Stunt Man

Bhangra Empire – Indian Cultural Dance Group
Facebook Page
YouTube Channel

The Strange Familiar – Singing/Musical Duo
Facebook Page
MySpace Page
YouTube Channel

Northwest Dance & Acro – Dance Group
Facebook Page

Airpocalypse – Air Band
Facebook Page

Iron Horse – Country Band
PureAGT’s Page: This group actually auditioned in Chicago, so go to the PureAGT post for information about this group.

Connor Doran – Indoor Kite Flier

William Scott Anderson – Magician

Sally Cohn – Hand Whistler
Sally’s Book on Amazon: A Handwhistler: Memories of Creativity and Activism