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America’s Got Talent Spin-Off Announcement and Show Coverage Update

NBC has just announced a new edition of Got Talent! America’s Got Talent: The Champions will debut in the winter of the 2018-2019 season and feature previous competitors from AGT as well as international versions of the show. The Hollywood Reporter has all the details we know so far!

Speaking of international versions, I want to start covering Britain’s Got Talent as I said I would but have been having trouble with the streams and YouTube and it’s been difficult. I think I’m going to try to get everything sorted out before the live shows start and just cover that week (you guys all know I find reality TV audition rounds tedious after like two episodes anyway) even though it will probably be messy to keep up with considering it’ll be on every single evening.

And can you believe AGT Season 13 starts this month? I haven’t gotten as much info as I would have liked to but I’ll keep searching and put up a “What We Know Pre-Season” type of post within the next few weeks.

May 12, 2018 I Written By

I'm obssessed with the entertainment industry, especially offbeat and nerdy things as well as those that involve live performance. The only thing I love more than geeking out over the things that entertain me is sharing in my excitement with others who share the same passions. America may have talent, but Canada has an up-and-coming blogger who is ready to take the internet by storm!

Britain’s Got Talent Series 12 Premiere Date Announced!

It’s only Tuesday, but lots of Got Talent-related news has already come out this week. So much, in fact, that I’m going to be throwing up TWO posts today to cover it all!

It’s FINALLY been announced that Britain’s Got Talent will return on Saturday, April 14. The new series (the term used for “season” in the UK) will feature fresh talent competing for a spot in the 2018 Royal Variety Performance, with duo Ant & Dec returning to host and Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden, Alesha Dixon, and David Williams back as judges.

Not much else is known at this time, but it’ll be fun to see what kind of acts pop up this season!

March 13, 2018 I Written By

I'm obssessed with the entertainment industry, especially offbeat and nerdy things as well as those that involve live performance. The only thing I love more than geeking out over the things that entertain me is sharing in my excitement with others who share the same passions. America may have talent, but Canada has an up-and-coming blogger who is ready to take the internet by storm!

Alumni Update – Holiday Season Edition!

Christmas is nearly upon us, which of course means lots of special holiday shows both on stage and on our TV’s!

Darci Lynne Farmer is on a roll. She’s been adding performances to her 2018 tour and has made appearances at several other live events, most recently a weekend of shows in her own hometown of Oklahoma City. Whoever is managing this girl and helping her prepare her shows deserves some mad props; in this one there were a lot of fun Christmas-themed numbers (including an appearance from Santa Claus!). There are several clips available to watch on Darci’s YouTube Channel of all these events but my favorite is this bit from one of the Oklahoma shows in which a lucky audience member got invited up onstage to get serenaded!

The 2017 Royal Variety Performance was filmed last month, and premiered on British television earlier this week. For those who don’t know, the RVP is an annual show put on to raise money for the Royal Variety Charity and is usually attended by members of the British Royal Family (this year the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were in the audience). A slot in the show is the Grand Prize on Britain’s Got Talent (along with a nice chunk of change, of course) so naturally this year’s winner, pianist Tokio Myers, was part of the performance. His performances are works of art and a treat for both the ears and eyes. If you’re not familiar with his work you can check out his BGT performances and his YouTube Channel. Unfortunately, I am currently unable to find his RVP clip online (I was lucky enough that things worked out for me to watch it live via stream but I believe the show is set to air on American television on Christmas Eve and in Canada on New Year’s Day) but I’ll show you his BGT Finals performance because you definitely need to witness this man in action!

On the bright side, I was able to find a video of another act in the Royal Variety Performance (thanks to the company who made his suit :P). I feel like I’ve talked about Colin Cloud way too much on here lately but you’re hearing about him yet again because this year he became the first person to compete on Britain’s Got Talent without winning (he was eliminated prior to the live shows) and wind up in a Royal Variety Performance. I think he put together a clean, concise act and I noticed a bit of a change of pace compared to what we saw from him on America’s Got Talent. Without giving too much away, there is an element of vulnerability and doubt in this performance that I know a lot of AGT fans really wanted from Colin on the show, and it’s cool too see him mixing things up a bit in that regard.

I’ll be back with more Got Talent updates soon; hopefully with some BGT news and updates on some of the acts from older seasons (AKA back before I started following everyone who graced my television screen on social media :P). This very well might end up being my last post on this blog for 2017 so if it is I would like to wish all of our readers a happy holiday season (whatever you celebrate) and new year!

December 23, 2017 I Written By

I'm obssessed with the entertainment industry, especially offbeat and nerdy things as well as those that involve live performance. The only thing I love more than geeking out over the things that entertain me is sharing in my excitement with others who share the same passions. America may have talent, but Canada has an up-and-coming blogger who is ready to take the internet by storm!

A Vegas Venue, a Seattle Church, and the Royal Variety Performance – AGT Alumni Update

We may be trucking through the off-season, but there’s been lots of news in AGT Land so far this month!

First and foremost, America’s Got Talent Live in Las Vegas was a huge success! There were some great throwbacks to the summer show as well as some new material from Darci Lynne Farmer, Angelica Hale, Preacher Lawson, and Light Balance, including a few collaborative performances! (Photo credit to Angelica Hale on Instagram.)

Her run is Vegas may be over (for now!) but Darci Lynne isn’t slowing down – she recently announced a series of shows in her hometown of Oklahoma City. Darci Lynne: Homecoming will be onstage at The Criterion on December 16-17 2017, and tickets are selling fast!

Seattle-area AGT fans have an upcoming treat of their own. Gold Creek Community Church’s annual Gold Creek Christmas show has a special twist this year: several Season 12 contestants will be performing, including singers Evie Clair, Kechi, and Christian Guardino, dancer Merrick Hanna, and dog act Patrick & Ginger! There are three performances scheduled over December 15-16, and tickets can be purchased here.

In other Season 12 alumni news, last week Colin Cloud announced his involvement in this year’s Royal Variety Performance. If you’re unfamiliar with the tradition check out the link, but the show is an annual tradition in Britain and is known for featuring a, well, variety of different performers from comedians to sideshow acts to West End stage show casts. (So basically everything we hope to see in the AGT live shows instead of an abundance of karaoke-style pop singers.) And just to give you an idea how prestigious the RVP is, a performance slot is the grand prize for AGT‘s own sister program Britain’s Got Talent. This year’s winner and representative is musician Tokio Myers, and in addition to all of the BGT champs some other alumni from AGT have participated in previous year’s performances.

The 2017 RVP is set to tape later this month and will be televised in Britain and other Commonwealth nations in December and January, but those living in America and other countries will more than likely be able to catch clips of the performances when they are inevitably uploaded to YouTube. And since I’m expanding this blog to cover BGT in the spring (and need some filler content between now and then :P) I’m planning to review the show here on Pure AGT next month! (Photo credit to Colin Cloud on Instagram.)

Finally, I’ve mostly refrained from posting about this since one of our sister sites pretty much has it covered, but AGT Season 5 alumnus Lindsey Stirling not only recently released a brand new Chirstmas album entitled Warmer in the Winter, she was officially announced as a Dancing With the Stars finalist earlier this week! The two-night Finale airs on ABC Monday November 20 at 8/7c and Tuesday November 21 at I believe 9/8c. (And I believe Lindsey also has a new music video coming out on her YouTube channel very soon!) You can check out one of her dances from this past episode below, and I’ll see you again soon with more AGT updates.

November 16, 2017 I Written By

I'm obssessed with the entertainment industry, especially offbeat and nerdy things as well as those that involve live performance. The only thing I love more than geeking out over the things that entertain me is sharing in my excitement with others who share the same passions. America may have talent, but Canada has an up-and-coming blogger who is ready to take the internet by storm!

Susan Boyle Was Terrible on America’s Got Talent

Honestly, did anyone really like the performance of Susan Boyle on America’s Got Talent? Sure, I get how we fell in love with Susan Boyle when she sang the first time. It was shocking that her voice was coming out of that image and that story. Her idiosyncrasies were interesting and made us laugh. They even made her endearing. However, her performance on America’s Got Talent last night was boring. She’s not a bad singer, but she’d never have been invited to the AGT stage if she hadn’t gotten so big on the stage before.

Maybe I’m wrong and there are a ton of Susan Boyle fans out there that loved her performance. If there are, more power to you. For me personally, it was terrible. I literally turned the channel. In case you missed it, you can see the video below. Am I way off base?

Susan Boyle Performs!

September 1, 2011 I Written By

World’s Got Talent Being Planned by Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell isn’t my favorite person in the whole world, but it’s hard to argue with his ability to produce a TV show. Plus, he has an amazing skill as a judge on TV shows too. So, I was completely intrigued when I saw this article suggesting that Simon Cowell is planning a new TV show called “World’s Got Talent.” Sounds like the perfect spin off to his America’s Got Talent / Britain’s Got Talent shows.

Here’s some details from the article:

The show will feature acts from over 80 countries, with the winner receiving a prize of up to £1m.

A source told The Sun: “This has been Simon’s dream. It will be the biggest reality show the world’s seen. There is a huge wealth of talent out there. The best acts cross language barriers.

ITV and NBC are said to be involved and the show is planned to be staged at the Royal Albert Hall.

This could be really fun to watch. I can think of a lot of acts I’d like to see on this show!
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July 16, 2010 I Written By

Faryl Smith Update – from Britain’s Got Talent

One of my readers sent me the following update about Faryl Smith, winner of Britain’s Got Talent.

Faryl has been very busy this year, she has sung with Katherine Jenkins at a number of venues and on TV. She has duetted with Carreras at the Hamptont Court Palace Festival. She was the guest star at the opening gala at this year’s Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod. She won first prize there at the age of ten.

She has sung in York Minster, The Royal Albert Hall. She entertained the 80,000 strong English and French supporters at Twickenham Rugby Football Ground. She sang the National anthem at the FA Cup Final in front of 92,000 football supporters. She opened the proceedings at the Classical Brits Awards Concert at the RAH. She has more concerts lined up before Christmas. She will be in a joint concert with Jonathan Ansell later this month. Then she’s off up north to sing at a charity concert in aid of muscular dystrophy sufferers in the beautiful settings of Durham Cathedral And a very big occasion in November. The National Service of Remembrance at the Royal Albert Hall. An occasion always attended by all of the Royal Family. To be invited to sing there is a huge honour.

Through all of this she has kept going to school and has just finished her second album with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. It is to be released in the UK on 30 November. There is no track list yet but there is information about it on her UK website. There is also a snippet of one of the tracks on it ” Somwhere Far Away”. The album is called “Wonderland”. If you visit her website mute the video and click listen. Also there are a lot of new photographs of Faryl and others. Click the gallery tab at the top left of the page. Not the one below the picture lower down the page.

Nice to see that Faryl Smith is doing so well.

October 6, 2009 I Written By

Winner of Britain’s Got Talent 2009

I’m so happy about who Britain voted the Winner of Britain’s Got Talent 2009. They are incredibly entertaining, incredibly talented, incredibly unique and provide something unique, interesting and different every time they’re on the stage. The winner of Britain’s Got Talent 2009 (in case you missed it) is: Diversity!!

Diversity absolutely deserved to win Britain’s got Talent 2009. They’ll be an excellent representative of BGT 2009 at the royal variety show before the Queen. A number of people commented on my site that Flawless was better than Diversity, but I’m glad to see that Britain agrees with me.

Check out the Britain’s Got Talent finals performance by Diversity and tell me it’s not worthy of being crowned BGT 2009 winner:

I’m so happy for them. I hope that Simon Cowell does keep his word and brings Diversity to perform on America’s Got Talent 2009. Congrats to Diversity and thanks for entertaining us all at home. You definitely deserve the crown of Britain’s Got Talent 2009 Champions!!

May 31, 2009 I Written By

Susan Boyle’s Finals Performance on BGT 2009

I’ve been following the various performances of Susan Boyle for a while and tonight was her final performance on the BGT 2009 stage. There’s no doubt that Susan Boyle has been through a whole lot in these 7 weeks. Certainly more than she bargained for when going on this show. It’s a lot of pressure that she’s gone through and she kept her head up and was quite the lady.

I should say that her performance tonight was excellent. Unlike in the semifinal where she missed some easy notes and looked really nervous, Susan Boyle’s final performance on BGT 2009 was excellent.

My only knock which isn’t necessarily specific to her is when they repeat songs we’d already seen before. I didn’t like it when Donald Braswell did it on America’s Got Talent and I didn’t like it when Susan Boyle did it on BGT. I think about half of the acts on the BGT finals actually did it, but I still don’t like it any more.

Regardless, here’s the video of Susan Boyle’s finals performance on Britain’s Got Talent 2009 to the song I Dreamed a Dream Les Misérables Original London Cast - Les Miserables (The Original London Cast) - I Dreamed a Dream from Les Miserables

Now we have to ask ourselves where Susan Boyle will go from here with all this fame? Can you say book deal?

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2 Grand Sem Final Performance on Britain’s Got Talent

2 Grand really touched a heart string with me. The daughter really has a nice voice. However, for some reason tonight’s performance was one of the most touching things I’d seen on TV for quite a while. I’m actually completely surprised about it all. I always thought the daughter was a star, but the connection between the 2 of them was really quite extraordinary.

Check out the video of 2 Grand’s performance in the Britain’s Got Talent semi finals.

On a side note, you can see 2008 BGT winner George Sampson’s performance on BGT. I’m not sure what I think about the TV screens. Reminds me a bit of blue man group. He’s a good dancer and was fun to watch. Just the dancers on So You Think You Can Dance are better.

May 29, 2009 I Written By