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PureAGT Season 9 First Look

Hey AGT fans! Glad to be back after a looooong absence 🙂 Just wrapped up coverage of season 18 over at PureDWTS, and now I’m ready to dive headlong into America’s Got Talent for another summer!

We’re less than a week away from the season premiere, which is next Tuesday, May 27, at 8 PM EST on NBC, and the America’s Got Talent YouTube channel has posted an extended “first look” video with a glimpse into what we’re going to see this season.  Things worth noting: there looks to be another Chinese dance group, another male stripping act, another blacklight dance group, a mysterious “golden buzzer” that the judges can use to save an act, a magician that manages to relieve Heidi of her bra 😯 , and Heidi kissing a pig! Check it out:

Initial thoughts? I’m curious as to how this whole “golden buzzer” thing works, and I wonder if it will somehow preclude there being wild card picks this season since it’s essentially another “judges’ save”.  Also seems like a lot of breakdancers, which is encouraging – aside from Hype last season, we haven’t really had a very strong breakdancing act in awhile.  I also saw a martial arts group peppered in there – could be interesting to have that thrown in the mix.  Overall, a great first impression! What are your thoughts?


May 21, 2014 I Written By

Ultrasound specialist by day, entertainment blogger by night - with some amateur dancer, hair & makeup enthusiast, crazy cat lady, recreational chef, and Donnie Wahlberg/Norman Reedus fangirl peppered in to make things interesting ;-) Check out some of my other work over at!

America’s Got Talent Season 7 Premiere in Tweets

Well, the first night of America’s Got Talent, Season 7, has come to an end. What did you think? Was all the worry about Howard Stern justified, or did he win you over, even just a little bit? How about that earth harp–I’d say that was pretty incredible. Overall, I was impressed with several of the acts but hung my head in shame for others. If you follow PureAGT on twitter, you’ll have seen my live commentary. But in case you missed it, here’s some thoughts from the night:

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That first act…was ridiculous. As I said, where’s the magic? If my son was old enough to know what was going on, I would have been covering his eyes.

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Bird lady…cat lady…They are all the same, right? I felt kind of bad for her though. She seemed to be genuine.

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Okay, William Close and his earth harp is going to go far. I’m calling it now. I have honestly never seen anything like that instrument, and he totally owned it. The judges were smart for putting him through.

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I liked this. It was different. I’d like to see something different win this year.

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Okay, this girl captured my heart already. She was hilarious. I loved how she asked Howard if he was going to cry (after she asked about his dad). And since her dad and her already have 600 million views on one of their YouTube videos (according to her, of course), I could see  them going far.

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This was some nice comedic relief for the night. I really felt like I connected with Howard on a deeper level. The other night I had a nightmare about being stuck in an elevator. I’m glad celebrities have similar fears.

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I just thought the whole Howard Jr. thing was funny. Too bad the kazoo boys didn’t make it…Okay, I didn’t really think they had a chance.

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Simply Sergio. That’s all I’m going to say. No words can accurately depict this act.

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Howard hit that act right on the head with this comment. It was definitely a tear-jerker. I’m excited to see where this father/daughter act went.

There were a few comments that Howard made that made me roll my eyes, but overall, he’s being true to his word and just being brutally honest. It was nice to see a that he has a soft side, though, like when he went and hugged Sergio. Precious. I’m excited for what’s to come the rest of the season. What was your favorite act of the night? Is there any real contenders so far?

May 15, 2012 I Written By

Katie Clark is a journalism student at Brigham Young University in her senior year. She is originally from Littleton, Colorado, and hopes to move back there after graduation. Reality television is her favorite to watch, and has enjoyed writing about America's Got Talent and A Chance to Dance. She is a stay-at-home-mom who enjoys writing (especially blogs), cooking and sewing (while spending far too much time on Pinterest finding inspiration) and being outside with her husband and son.

America’s Got Talent 2011 is HERE! (almost)

The world’s premiere talent search, America’s Got Talent 2011, is back on NBC on May 31st, 2011. That’s right, the premiere for America’s Got Talent season 6 is just around the corner. Here’s a video preview of AGT 2011 to get you excited.

May 10, 2011 I Written By

America’s Got Talent 2010 Premiere Date Set

America’s Got Talent 2010 will premiere its fifth season on June 1 at 8/7c. Then, America’s Got Talent 2010 will move to Wednesdays on June 2 at 9/8c. The Hoff has left his AGT judges seat and was replaced by new judge Howie Mandel, who joins Sharon Osbourne, Piers Morgan. Nick Cannon will still be the host of America’s Got Talent 2010.

After seeing all the talented people who have auditioned for AGT 2010, I’m really excited for this season. I always forget that the show doesn’t start until summer. I guess with all the talk on this site about the America’s Got Talent 2010 auditions, I feel like the show should be just around the corner.

March 6, 2010 I Written By