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PureAGT Season 8 POLL: Did Catapult “Rip Off” Silhouettes?

Whilst browsing around on YouTube for a clip of Catapult’s performance on last week’s premiere, I noticed something odd: almost every video of them posted had a slew of comments from angry viewers claiming that they had “ripped off” season 6 runner-up Silhouettes.  Here’s a video of them to jog your memory:

A few overseas viewers also accused Catapult of copying Attraction, the winner of the most recent season of Britain’s Got Talent:

Now while I agree that all three acts are very similar, I also think that there’s very, very few acts on any of the Talent franchises that are truly original anymore – I think it’s all been done before, and everyone’s just trying to make their mark and somehow put a fresh spin on their act.  So to really accuse any of the three of “ripping off” one another? Not really fair, IMO.  If you’re going to call out Catapult for copying Silhouettes, then you may as well call out Lightwire Theater from last season for copying Team iLuminate from season 6, and Angela Hoover for copying season 6’s Melissa Villasenor.  Almost every act shares some similarities with a previous act.

Truth be told, I was never really wowed by what Silhouettes did – just seemed like a lot of running from place to place making shapes while some schmaltzy song played.  What I like about Catapult, though, is that they actually create pictures that move, and tend to tell a story – Silhouettes seemed like they just went with a theme, as opposed to an actual narrative with a beginning, middle, and end.  Haven’t really had a chance to compare either of the two to Attraction, beyond the video I posted above, but all three appear to have different strengths & weaknesses.  But what do you think?

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America’s Got Talent – Auditions

Ok, I apologize for being MIA but between work and theatre (Opening Night was this Friday) I simply didn’t have time for anything else… and I apologize.

So to make things up to you guys, here’s a long extensive post w/ all the ways you are able to keep up with all the acts that made it through to Vegas.

Melissa Villasenor – Comedian/Impressionist
Facebook Page
MySpace Page
YouTube Channel

Zuma Zuma – Tumbling

Facebook Page

Daring Jones Duo – Aerialist

Sadie – Singer

Elektrolytes – Dance Group
MySpace Page

Mauricio Herrera – Showman

Facebook Page

Mrs Smith – Performing Artist
Facebook Page

St Lukes Bottle Band – Bottle Band

Halls of Magic – Comedic Magician

Lys Agnes – Opera

Viva La Muerte – Burlesque

Those Funny Little People – Performance Act

The Silouettes
Rocky Mountain School of Dance and Performance

The Kinetic King

Geechy Guy – Comedian
Dirty Joke Show
Facebook Page
MySpace Page

Illumni Men’s Chorale
Facebook Page

Soleil Rousseau – Pole Dancer
Facebook Page

Seth Grabel – Acrobatic Magician
Facebook Page
MySpace Page
YouTube Channel

The BGP – Band
Facebook Page
YouTube Channel

The Art of Teknique
Facebook Page

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America’s Got Talent 6 – LA & Atlanta Auditions

Below are the acts that went through the show. I will (over time) also include any links so that you could find out more information about each act.

So keep coming back to this page to find out where you could find more information about the acts that made it through to Vegas.
Read more..

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Airpocalypse Wannabes on America’s Got Talent 2011

Update: Word is that they might not be an air guitar band after all, but a real band. Funny that the show would name them the Airpocalypse Wannabes on their site then.

I got a note from a member of the air guitar group that was on the last season of America’s Got Talent: Airpocalypse. It said:

Hi All! Obviously, we think this is great… Airpocalypse Loves You! ~X

To save you having to click the link. It has a picture (seen below) on the official AGT audition website of what’s labeled “Airpocalypse Wannabes.” I guess we should have seen it coming. I think Piers (if he’s back) will have a field day ripping them in favor of the originals. Although, I have to say that the note from the original Airpocalypse shows what classy guys they are. Makes me feel good they made it as far as they did.

February 14, 2011 I Written By

America’s Got Talent 2011 Auditions

Yes, we just started America’s Got Talent 2010, but the show is already collecting your information if you’re interested in auditioning for America’s Got Talent 2011 (AGT season 6 for those keeping count). Here’s the excerpt from the official site:

You can still submit a video to be on this Summer’s show through You Tube. Check out all the details.

However we also already starting planning our auditions for Season 6 in 2011! Please fill out this form if you want us to contact you when we announce the cities.

We’ll also use your geographic information to help us plan what cities we should go to next year.

Well, there you have it. They’re already preparing for America’s Got Talent 2011. Just fill out the form to get notified.

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