Neal E. Boyd Debut Single – “God Bless the USA”

America’s Got Talent winner Neal E. Boyd has a track from his debut album up on It’s nice to finally see Neal Boyd getting close to releasing an album. I wonder if it was deliberately delayed until the start of America’s Got Talent 2009. Sounds like a smart plan to me.

My first take of Neal E. Boyd singing “God Bless the USA” is that it was a nice rendition. I have a feeling he’s going to be invited to somewhere nice to sing for fourth of July. I’m sure that many people will wonder why he chose that song, but fans of Neal E. Boyd are going to love it I think. I personally don’t like the orchestration very much, but Neal does a nice job singing it. In fact, I think I like him better on this single than I did on America’s Got Talent.

Also, for those wanting to have Neal E. Boyd’s version of Turandot: Nessun Dorma Neal E. Boyd - Turandot: Nessun Dorma - Turandot: Nessun Dorma it’s available on iTunes. It was the best song he performed on America’s Got Talent.

I hope he makes it to Las Vegas at some point. I’d enjoy seeing him live.