Thoughts on First 5 America’s Got Talent 2011 Finalists

Time for some thoughts on the 5 acts making it into the America’s Got Talent Season 6 finals. Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

Lys Agnes – I’m not much of a fan of Lys Agnes at all, but AGT viewers seem to like the operatic type of voice for some reason. So, she has a chance. Although, I’d say it’s probably a small chance. Doesn’t hurt that AGT is propping her up in the production of the show. I do wish she’d go back to the braided hair. The braids were sweet.

Miami All Stars – What an exciting group to watch. Their semi final act had some really amazing non-stop action. I’m afraid that they’re probably going to slip in the finals and not be quite as explosive and interesting. They’ll have an enjoyable performance, but not likely enough to win.

PopLyfe – I still feel like Piers was right in the beginning that the lead singer of PopLyfe is the star. Sure, the rest of the band has been an interesting package. The band without the lead singer might have even made it to the quarterfinals on their own. However, the lead singer is really truly the star. Her voice is fantastic. If they stop worrying about propping up the band and highlight her awesome vocals, they have a great chance of winning.

Team iLuminate – Incredible group. Unbelievable mix of technology and dancing. If they don’t win, it will be because America is lazy. However, they are so incredibly good that they might still win even with America’s laziness.

West Springfield Dance Team – This team should just enjoy their final performance. They’ve been the last one in for too many weeks in a row. So, they have basically no shot of winning it all based on just a popularity vote. That’s ok though. They’ll enjoy their final performance and bring something interesting to the show. Their choreographers need to do a group routine on SYTYCD.

Did anyone else notice that 2 singers and 3 dance groups made it through to the AGT Finals? Obviously America loves music and dancing. It should be obvious. We have dedicated dance (SYTYCD, ABDC, DWTS) and music (AI, The Voice, X Factor) reality TV shows. Sucks to be a variety act going up against something that America loves so much.