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Susan Boyle Was Terrible on America’s Got Talent

Honestly, did anyone really like the performance of Susan Boyle on America’s Got Talent? Sure, I get how we fell in love with Susan Boyle when she sang the first time. It was shocking that her voice was coming out of that image and that story. Her idiosyncrasies were interesting and made us laugh. They even made her endearing. However, her performance on America’s Got Talent last night was boring. She’s not a bad singer, but she’d never have been invited to the AGT stage if she hadn’t gotten so big on the stage before.

Maybe I’m wrong and there are a ton of Susan Boyle fans out there that loved her performance. If there are, more power to you. For me personally, it was terrible. I literally turned the channel. In case you missed it, you can see the video below. Am I way off base?

Susan Boyle Performs!

September 1, 2011 I Written By

Airpocalypse Wannabes on America’s Got Talent 2011

Update: Word is that they might not be an air guitar band after all, but a real band. Funny that the show would name them the Airpocalypse Wannabes on their site then.

I got a note from a member of the air guitar group that was on the last season of America’s Got Talent: Airpocalypse. It said:

Hi All! Obviously, we think this is great… Airpocalypse Loves You! ~X

To save you having to click the link. It has a picture (seen below) on the official AGT audition website of what’s labeled “Airpocalypse Wannabes.” I guess we should have seen it coming. I think Piers (if he’s back) will have a field day ripping them in favor of the originals. Although, I have to say that the note from the original Airpocalypse shows what classy guys they are. Makes me feel good they made it as far as they did.

February 14, 2011 I Written By

The Water Man on Germany’s Got Talent

While we mostly cover America’s Got Talent on this site, it’s always fun to see some of the best talent that’s being done on other nations version of America’s Got Talent. Here’s an example of that talent on Germany’s Got Talent: The Water Man!

It’s a little slow to get going and only slightly impressive, but then I just had to say, WHAT?

Will we see anything this crazy on America’s Got Talent 2011?

November 12, 2010 I Written By

America’s Got Talent 2011 Auditions

Yes, we just started America’s Got Talent 2010, but the show is already collecting your information if you’re interested in auditioning for America’s Got Talent 2011 (AGT season 6 for those keeping count). Here’s the excerpt from the official site:

You can still submit a video to be on this Summer’s show through You Tube. Check out all the details.

However we also already starting planning our auditions for Season 6 in 2011! Please fill out this form if you want us to contact you when we announce the cities.

We’ll also use your geographic information to help us plan what cities we should go to next year.

Well, there you have it. They’re already preparing for America’s Got Talent 2011. Just fill out the form to get notified.

June 9, 2010 I Written By