Airpocalypse Wannabes on America’s Got Talent 2011

Update: Word is that they might not be an air guitar band after all, but a real band. Funny that the show would name them the Airpocalypse Wannabes on their site then.

I got a note from a member of the air guitar group that was on the last season of America’s Got Talent: Airpocalypse. It said:

Hi All! Obviously, we think this is great… Airpocalypse Loves You! ~X

To save you having to click the link. It has a picture (seen below) on the official AGT audition website of what’s labeled “Airpocalypse Wannabes.” I guess we should have seen it coming. I think Piers (if he’s back) will have a field day ripping them in favor of the originals. Although, I have to say that the note from the original Airpocalypse shows what classy guys they are. Makes me feel good they made it as far as they did.