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Jackie Evancho on America’s Got Talent

We’ve known about Jackie Evancho here on Pure America’s Got Talent for quite a while now. In fact, I’m even Jackie’s mom’s friend on Facebook. So, we’re basically like family;-)

Well, Jackie had what I think was the best performance of the night. It really was flawless (unlike many of the other AGT acts). Dan Sperry was great too, but Jackie just has that little bit of twinkle in her eye that’s hard to resist. It’s going to be great fun to see her with the other talent that’s already gone through.

For those who missed it, here’s Jackie Evancho’s performance on America’s Got Talent.

Plus, here’s Jackie Evancho’s YouTube audition which got her on America’s Got Talent in the first place.

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Dan Sperry Magic Trick on America’s Got Talent

Well, Dan Sperry was definitely the spectacle of the night. He’s so much better than Murray the magician who already made it through. Dan Sperry is a bit freaky, but that’s kind of the point. That trick was awesome to watch. I wonder what else he has to perform.

In case you missed the video of Dan Sperry, you can check out his YouTube audition below. It’s better than the live one since it’s one camera angle (better for magic) and because you don’t have to see Howie and Sharon off their rocker.

August 10, 2010 I Written By

Pup the Accordion Playing Dog on America’s Got Talent

Well, Pup was a total flop on America’s Got Talent. I didn’t hear him play the accordion at all. So, of course I had to go and check out the YouTube video to see what I missed. Here it is in case you’re looking for it too:

Honestly, the video was still totally dumb. It’s basically a dog pulling on a strap. Lots of dogs will do that. That’s not playing the accordion. I have a feeling they only made it on the show, because it was a call back to the audition where the dog was suppose to play the guitar (if I remember right).

They took this pup over this talented girl, Lindsey K (Bra Girl), who also auditioned?

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America’s Got Talent 5: YouTube Auditions

So now that you’ve seen them… who do YOU think should move on to the next round?

You can choose up to FOUR.

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America’s Got Talent 5: YouTube Auditions Music

– Flo-Rida: Low Low

Dylan Plummer
– Flo-Rida: Right Round Right

– Johnny Cash: (Ghost) Riders in the Sky (Ghost)

Ryan Rodriguez
– Black Eyed Peas: Pump It Pump

Booker Forte
– Usher: OMG (Oh My Gosh) OMG

Pizza Patt
– Dean Martin: That’s Amore That's
– Sean Kingston: Fire Burnin’ (on the Dance Floor) Fire

Kristina Young
– Carrie Underwood: Before He Cheats Before

Dan Sperry
– Perry Como: Magic Moments Magic

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America’s Got Talent 5: YouTube Auditions Listing

From the YouTube Auditions, here are the twelve acts that will be performing this week:

How will they compare with the acts that have already gone through to the next round? Stay tuned and find out, but in the mean time… Who are YOU looking forward to see?

August 9, 2010 I Written By

America’s Got Talent 5: YouTube Auditions has an article up giving us an idea of who to expect on Tuesday’s episode of America’s Got Talent.

Now if you don’t know how the YouTube auditions episode is set up… People were asked to post a YouTube video of themselves showing off their talent and submitting it to the America’s Got Talent YouTube page.

From there, the producers would choose eleven (11) acts to be on the YouTube auditions show while America was asked to view the YouTube auditions and choose the act that they would like to see on the show.

Of the eleven acts chosen by the producers they include:

– Pup, a 7-year-old mutt [and Ed Heiss, his guitar-playing sidekick]
– Ohio pizzeria owner Patt Miller

However, the single act that garnered the most votes by voters via YouTube is:

[…] Jackie Evancho — a 10-year old opera singer […]

Now there is a Jackie that is a reader to the site that was mentioned in a previous post in regards to the YouTube auditions, however without a last name there is no knowing if this is the same Jackie as mentioned.

Also in store… Wednesday’s results episode will include:

[..] Judson Laipply, the motivational speaker whose 2006 Evolution of Dance video has been watched nearly 150 million times.[…]

If you do not know/remember what video that pertains to, here it is.

It sounds like this week’s auditions are going to be mildly entertaining…

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AGT YouTube Auditions

We had 4 different fans of this site that made it to the 40 acts that were part of the America’s Got Talent Youtube Auditions. I’m really hoping that one of these acts wins the YouTube auditions and makes it on the show. I feel bad that I didn’t post about them earlier, but I was traveling and never got around to it.

According to the official AGT Youtube site, we won’t find out who wins until August 10th. They’re calling that episode the Special America’s Got Talent YouTube edition show. Sounds interesting. You can still see the 40 audition videos on the site now.

Here’s the four readers of this site that are in the top 40:

Ilze LuneauThe Basketball Family – She’s the one dribbling 5 basketballs. I’ve written about ilze before on this site. A pretty amazing talent.

Jackie – She is the one singing Panis Angelicus with a pony tail.

The Kid in BlackYT video – Valor just turned 5.

Mr. Lucky – His video is of me with my monkey puppet performing “lion sleeps tonight”. It’s not the best video in the world as they used demos and not edited versions.

Best of Luck to these 4 acts and I really hope one of you makes it to the show!

July 12, 2010 I Written By

America’s Got Talent YouTube Auditions

The America’s Got Talent YouTube auditions are now open for voting. You can find them here. I’ve also been notified by 2 people that read this site that that are part of the voting. Later tonight or tomorrow I’ll be posting about them so you can support them. If there are any other readers of this site that made it to the YouTube voting, let me know. We need someone from this site to win the competition!!

June 29, 2010 I Written By

Last Chance to be on America’s Got Talent – YouTube Auditions

Well, I’m not exactly sure if this is what the special America’s Got Talent announcement is or not, but today we found a special page for the America’s Got Talent 2010 auditions on YouTube (Thanks Marianya). Looks like you have until June 23rd to submit your audition. Voting will begin on June 28, 2010 and all of it will be done exclusively on YouTube.

As usual, the auditions are open to any age and any talent. 12 acts will be chosen to perform live on a special America’s Got Talent YouTube performance show on NBC. 11 acts will be picked by the judges and 1 will be selected by your votes.

Once they start the voting process, we’ll give readers of Pure America’s Got Talent a chance to highlight their submission to the America’s Got Talent YouTube audition. Yes, that should provide you all a bunch of extra votes from readers of this site.

Here’s Nick Cannon describing the America’s Got Talent YouTube audition process:

April 29, 2010 I Written By