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Which Four Acts Will Advance From The Last Top 48 AGT Performances?

July 24, 2012 I Written By

Katie Clark is a journalism student at Brigham Young University in her senior year. She is originally from Littleton, Colorado, and hopes to move back there after graduation. Reality television is her favorite to watch, and has enjoyed writing about America's Got Talent and A Chance to Dance. She is a stay-at-home-mom who enjoys writing (especially blogs), cooking and sewing (while spending far too much time on Pinterest finding inspiration) and being outside with her husband and son.

America’s Got Talent Top 48 Auditions

In case you missed or want to watch again some of the acts from the America’s Got Talent 2012 Top 48, you can find the America’s Got Talent Top 48 videos below!

Lion Dance Me: Quarterfinals

Danger act Lion Dance Me is consistently exciting, but the judges are looking for variety as well as skill. Hopefully, Lion Dance Me can deliver.

Turf: Quarterfinals

Turf has come a long way since his days of dancing for change on the streets of San Francisco. Now, he’s hoping to get one step closer to the million-dollar prize.

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July 11, 2012 I Written By

America’s Got Talent Top 48 First Eliminations Videos

In case you missed or want to watch again some of the acts from the America’s Got Talent 2012 Top 48 first eliminations, you can find the AGT eliminations below!

Week 8, Elimination 1
Michael Nejad, Maurice and Shanice Hayes, and Nikki Jensen take the stage for the first round of eliminations.

Cirque du Soleil
Next, Cirque du Soleil takes that stage to perform a routine from “Zarkana,” a touring Cirque show that is currently playing in New York.

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July 5, 2012 I Written By

America’s Got Talent Top 48

In case you missed or want to watch again some of the acts from the America’s Got Talent 2012 Top 48, find the individual performances below!

The Journey to the Quarterfinals
It’s been a long journey to the quarterfinals for judges and contestants alike.

The Distinguished Men of Brass: Quarterfinals
Tampa’s Distinguished Men of Brass bring their delightful jazz performance to the quarterfinals.

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July 3, 2012 I Written By

America’s Got Talent 2011 Top 48 Analysis

Well, I can’t believe that almost a whole month has past since I’ve been able to post on this site. My apologies to all the readers out there that have missed my analysis. I’ve been traveling for just about the last month and so I haven’t been able to post like usual. Plus, Marianya has found a boy that’s been taking up all her time.

I won’t go back and rehash all of the previous Top 48 performances. I’ll just move forward from here and talk about the acts that have made it through to the America’s Got Talent 2011 semi-finals.

First, I have to mention that as usual, the singing and dance acts are most popular by far. I guess that’s the reason there are so many singing and dancing reality TV shows out there. Makes sense that America would vote for more singing and dancing acts. We love that form of entertainment and that talent. However, a big part of me wishes that we could have more variety acts get through. I hate the finale, because it’s often all singing and dancing.

With that aside, here’s my analysis of who made it through:
Miami All Stars – A great act to watch. A big dance act like this is always entertaining when they’re well choreographed. I especially like the energy they have. Although, I think next to the acts listed below, they’re going to get sent home. They won’t drive the voting like the other acts will.

Snap Boogie – Similar to the Miami All Stars, I love Snap Boogie’s dancing. I hope he goes back to like he did on his first performance where it almost told a story and it had some jokes in his dancing. I’m just not sure he has any more tricks in his hat.

Anna Graceman – She was a little disappointment for me since her audition. I think it all has to do with song selection. If she chooses the right song, America will love her and she’ll go a long way. The wrong song could doom her. She’ll still probably make the finals.

Sandou Trio Russian Bar – I’m not sure where this act can take it that would be much better. I hate that Piers acts like he’s never seen an act like this before. He’s got to remember the Russian Bar Trio that was on before and got hurt and so they couldn’t continue on. That said, I’ve loved how Sandou has done it with fire and over sharp objects. I’ll never forget her answer when she was asked why she did something so dangerous that could take her life. She said, “We want to win.” Her answer is reason enough for me to want them to win even if I’ve seen just as good or better in a cirque show and in some chinese videos of Russian Bar. If I have time later, I’ll try and find the video of the chinese kids doing Russian Bar. It’s unbelievable.

Daniel Joseph Baker – Honestly, I would have rather had the other singer go through. I do like his performance, but I’m not that keen on his voice. I think America may disagree with me and he may be around for a while.

Smage Brothers Riding Show – Very entertaining. Reminds me of the bike act last year, but doing it with motorcycles is just that much cooler. I still don’t know what they’ll do next. I have a feeling their next performance will be a little bland since it will be more of the same tricks.

Steven Retchless – I guess I’m with Piers on this one. I’m not a big male pole dancer kind of guy. I do respect his strength and the cool tricks he’s able to do on the pole. Luckily for Steven, much of the America’s Got Talent audience is female.

Silhouettes – I LOVED their first performance. The second performance was good, but could have been better. I love the concept and I’d love to see what creative people could do with the concept. I also love the little girl dancers crying because they’re so happy. It’s the cutest thing ever.

POPLYFE – The singer for POPLYFE is one of the best singers that’s ever been on America’s Got Talent. Piers was right that the band wasn’t needed. I don’t think the band is a terrible disadvantage like some acts in the past, but there’s no doubt that the lead singer of POPLYFE is going to be a star. Her voice is so natural and gritty and beautiful!! If she’s not a star singer one day, something’s wrong with the music industry.

Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr. – Great voice and perfect for the style he’s singing. I’m torn, because I love the voice, but I’m not totally into the music. AGT has an older audience and I think Landau might just be enough to get some of those older viewers to actually vote. I expect he’ll be around for a while.

Lys Agnes – Another opera singer (bring on the opera nazis). I don’t know, I’m kind of tired of opera singers on AGT. To be honest, my favorite part of Lys is her hair. It’s awesome! Maybe if we hadn’t had opera singer after opera singer on AGT I’d like Lys more. However, considering past opera singers success on the show, Lys has a good chance.

Professor Splash – I remember when I first saw the YouTube video for this guy. It was a few months before AGT 2011. I was spell bound. Now, it almost feels like it should be natural. The show should do more to play up what he’s really able to accomplish so we had a better idea of how crazy what he’s doing really is. I don’t think fire will make the difference. His package describing what’s happening will be the key.

There you go. There’s my 2 cents. I’ll offer the rest of the analysis of the America’s Got Talent 2011 semi finalists after tomorrow’s results show too. At least there’s plenty of talent this year. They let a few lame acts into the Top 48, but overall it’s the most talented top 48 that America’s Got Talent has ever had.

What are your thoughts?

August 2, 2011 I Written By

America’s Got Talent 2011 Top 48

The America’s Got Talent 2011 Top 48 contestants are:

Anna Graceman – Juneau, Alaska (singer/pianist)
Attack Dance Crew – Tallahassee, Fla. (drilling dance crew)
Avery and the Calico Hearts – Lubbock, Texas (singing trio)
Captain & Maybelle – Atlanta, Ga. (variety act)
Charles Peachock – Kent, Ohio (juggler)
Dani Shay – Orlando, Fla. (singer/guitarist)
Daniel Joseph Baker – Katy, Texas (singer/pianist)
Dezmond Meeks – Pineville, La. (singer/pianist)
Duo Aero – Saint Paul, Minn (trapeze duo)
Dylan Andre – Zieglerville, Pa. (singer/guitarist)
Echo of Animal Gardens – Lake Geneva, Wis. (animal act)
Fatally Unique – Rockford, Ill. (hip hop dance team)
Fearless Flores Family – Myakka City, Fla. (family daredevil act)
Frank Miles – Los Angeles, Calif. (variety act)
Geechy Guy – Las Vegas, Nev. (comedian)
Ian Johnson – Hebron, Ill. (yo-yo tricks)
J Chris Newberg – Los Angeles, Calif. (comic/musician)
Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr. – Logan, W. V. (singer)
Landon Swank – Wasilla, Alaska (magician)
Lys Agn̬s РDenver, Colo. (singer)
Mauricio Herrera – Pomona, Calif. (singer/dancer)
Melissa Villasenor – Los Angeles, Calif. (impressionist)
Miami All Stars – Miami, Fla. (dance group)
Mona Lisa – Houston, Texas (twin singers/guitarist duo)
Monet – Charlotte, N. Car. (singer)
POPLYFE – Oakland, Calif. (teen band)
Professor Splash – Lakewood, Colo. (shallow water diver)
Purrfect Angelz – Los Angeles, Calif. (dance troupe)
Sam B. – Falls Church, Va. (dancer)
Sandou Trio Russian Bar – San Antonio, Texas (Russian bar trio)
Scott Alexander – Lancaster, Pa. (magician)
Seth Grabel – Los Angeles, Calif. (magician)
SH’Boss Boys – Atlanta, Ga. (young rap trio)
Silhouettes – Arvada, Colo. (interpretative dance)
Smage Bros. Riding Shows – Elkhorn, Wis. (motorcycle stunt show)
Snap Boogie – Boston, Mass. (dancer)
Squonk Opera – Pittsburgh, Pa. (band)
Steven Retchless – New York, N. Y. (pole dancer/aerialist)
Summerwind Skippers – Boise, Idaho (jump rope team)
Taylor Davis – Leesburg, Ga. (singer/guitarist)
Team iLuminate – New York, N.Y. (glow suit dancers)
The Fiddleheads – Dahlonega, Ga. (bluegrass band)
The Kinetic King – St. Paul, Minn. (variety act)
The Rhinestone Ropers – Jerome, Idaho (variety act)
Thomas John – Woodland Park, Colo. (variety act)
Those Funny Little People – Chicago, Ill. (variety act)
Yellow Designs Stunt Team – Monument, Colo. (BMX bike tricks)
Zuma Zuma – Las Vegas, Nevada (tumblers)

Also, some other good information about the next America’s Got Talent episodes:
“America’s Got Talent,” airs Tuesdays (9-11 p.m. ET) and Wednesdays (9-10 p.m. ET) on NBC.

Plus, this interesting bit of information about the America’s Got Talent ratings:
So far this summer, the Tuesday and Wednesday editions of “American’s Got Talent” are the #1 and #2 series on ABC, CBS, NBC or Fox in total viewers, while ranking #2 and #3 in adults 18-49, behind only NBC’s “The Voice.” Versus last year, “America’s Got Talent” is up in adults 18-49 by 14 percent on Tuesdays (with an average 4.1 rating vs. a 3.6) and up 27 percent on Wednesdays (4.2 vs. 3.3), according to “most current” averages from Nielsen Media Research. In total viewers, the show is up 17 percent year-to-year on Tuesdays (14.5 million vs. 12.4 million) and 21 percent year-to-year on Wednesdays (14.3 million vs. 11.8 million).

Looks like based on those numbers we can bet on America’s Got Talent 2012 (Season 7).

July 8, 2011 I Written By

America’s Got Talent Wild Card Performance Show

I must admit that I was a little bit disappointed by this wild card show. There were 3-4 acts that were fantastic and the rest a pretty big disappointment. Many of them actually seemed like they took a step back in their performances. Either way, those 3-4 were great to watch. Plus, the judges were in rare form. I think the Piers must have angered half of America in this episode.

August 18, 2010 I Written By

Why Order Matters on America’s Got Talent

One of Pure America’s Got Talent readers, Jason, did a nice breakdown of the order that acts performed and which acts made it through to the semifinals:
#1: None of the five acts have been in the top 5.
#2: 2 of 5 have advanced to the semifinals.
#3: 1 of 5 in top 5, none in semifinals.
#4: 1 of 5 in top 5, none in semifinals.
#5: None of the five acts have been in the top 5.
#6: 2 of 5 have advanced to the semifinals.
#7: 1 of 5 have advanced to the semifinals.
#8: 1 of 5 in top 5, none in semifinals.
#9: 4 of 5 in top 5, 2 of 5 in semifinals.
#10: 4 of 5 have advanced to the semifinals.
#11: 5 of 5 have advanced to the semifinals.
#12: 4 of 5 have advanced to the semifinals.

Definitely shows a clear bias to the final acts making it through on America’s Got Talent. Is that because we have short term memories? Is it because the producers save the best acts for the end of the show? I’m guessing it’s both. What do you think?

I Written By

Vote for the Next 4 America’s Got Talent 2010 Semifinalists

Tonight’s show was pretty interesting to say the least. I don’t know about you guys, but it flew by. The variety of the acts was interesting and I really didn’t know what I was going to see next. It was just good entertainment. Well, apart from one act….which will remain nameless since I don’t necessarily want to influence your voting.

Now it’s time to vote for America’s Got Talent 2010 semifinalists. You can vote for 4 acts total that you think will make it through to the next round.

July 28, 2010 I Written By

America’s Got Talent 2010 Top 48 Week 2 Results

The following is last night’s results episode for America’s Got Talent. Who will stay and who will be sent home. Enjoy the show!

July 22, 2010 I Written By