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Jackie Evancho on America’s Got Talent

We’ve known about Jackie Evancho here on Pure America’s Got Talent for quite a while now. In fact, I’m even Jackie’s mom’s friend on Facebook. So, we’re basically like family;-)

Well, Jackie had what I think was the best performance of the night. It really was flawless (unlike many of the other AGT acts). Dan Sperry was great too, but Jackie just has that little bit of twinkle in her eye that’s hard to resist. It’s going to be great fun to see her with the other talent that’s already gone through.

For those who missed it, here’s Jackie Evancho’s performance on America’s Got Talent.

Plus, here’s Jackie Evancho’s YouTube audition which got her on America’s Got Talent in the first place.

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Dan Sperry Magic Trick on America’s Got Talent

Well, Dan Sperry was definitely the spectacle of the night. He’s so much better than Murray the magician who already made it through. Dan Sperry is a bit freaky, but that’s kind of the point. That trick was awesome to watch. I wonder what else he has to perform.

In case you missed the video of Dan Sperry, you can check out his YouTube audition below. It’s better than the live one since it’s one camera angle (better for magic) and because you don’t have to see Howie and Sharon off their rocker.

August 10, 2010 I Written By

Pup the Accordion Playing Dog on America’s Got Talent

Well, Pup was a total flop on America’s Got Talent. I didn’t hear him play the accordion at all. So, of course I had to go and check out the YouTube video to see what I missed. Here it is in case you’re looking for it too:

Honestly, the video was still totally dumb. It’s basically a dog pulling on a strap. Lots of dogs will do that. That’s not playing the accordion. I have a feeling they only made it on the show, because it was a call back to the audition where the dog was suppose to play the guitar (if I remember right).

They took this pup over this talented girl, Lindsey K (Bra Girl), who also auditioned?

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America’s Got Talent 5: YouTube Auditions

So now that you’ve seen them… who do YOU think should move on to the next round?

You can choose up to FOUR.

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America’s Got Talent 5: YouTube Auditions Listing

From the YouTube Auditions, here are the twelve acts that will be performing this week:

How will they compare with the acts that have already gone through to the next round? Stay tuned and find out, but in the mean time… Who are YOU looking forward to see?

August 9, 2010 I Written By

America’s Got Talent 5: YouTube Auditions has an article up giving us an idea of who to expect on Tuesday’s episode of America’s Got Talent.

Now if you don’t know how the YouTube auditions episode is set up… People were asked to post a YouTube video of themselves showing off their talent and submitting it to the America’s Got Talent YouTube page.

From there, the producers would choose eleven (11) acts to be on the YouTube auditions show while America was asked to view the YouTube auditions and choose the act that they would like to see on the show.

Of the eleven acts chosen by the producers they include:

– Pup, a 7-year-old mutt [and Ed Heiss, his guitar-playing sidekick]
– Ohio pizzeria owner Patt Miller

However, the single act that garnered the most votes by voters via YouTube is:

[…] Jackie Evancho — a 10-year old opera singer […]

Now there is a Jackie that is a reader to the site that was mentioned in a previous post in regards to the YouTube auditions, however without a last name there is no knowing if this is the same Jackie as mentioned.

Also in store… Wednesday’s results episode will include:

[..] Judson Laipply, the motivational speaker whose 2006 Evolution of Dance video has been watched nearly 150 million times.[…]

If you do not know/remember what video that pertains to, here it is.

It sounds like this week’s auditions are going to be mildly entertaining…

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America’s Got Talent 5: Editing during Las Vegas

There has been a lot of comments flying around in regards to several acts in the supposed “standby” group not really being in the “standby” group despite being televised as such.

One such group is Iron Horse. In the opening scenes they are plainly seen in Group A sitting in the lower right hand corner of the screen (two of the guys were wearing their blue “country-ish” shirts). If you look at the group carefully there are other acts that were in the “standby” show that were really in Group A.
– NU Covenant
– Cristina & Ali
– New Directions Choir
– Strange Familiar

So essentially the majority (if not all) of the Bands/Singing Duos, etc were in Group A rather than the “standby” group. As much as I wished they would not purposely rearrange people that way on television and were instead more straight up with their audience, I would have to suppose they did it this way to keep the audience on their feet in what I believe to be their version of drama.

At the same time, television (as a whole) and in particular reality television, I have found have been disrespecting their audience bit by bit with every passing year… particular when it comes to situations like these when they are trying to script a reality show and fall short because the audience could see which acts were really where and etc.

To me, if reality television producers truely trusted their audience and kept everything true instead of trying so hard to stick with a particular formula (it’s called thinking out of the box, all other industries are doing it) perhaps they will find that the audience they are trying so hard to entice to continue to watch television, will continue to do so.

It’s like any relationship… it starts with trust. 😀

July 11, 2010 I Written By

Official America’s Got Talent Forum Posting Policies Are Lame

Turns out that some of the readers of Pure America’s Got Talent (this site) have been cheating on me and heading over to the official NBC America’s Got Talent forums. Good thing I’m a forgiving guy. At least as long as they keep coming back;-) I should also make it clear that this site is a completely independently run fan site. I have no connection with America’s Got Talent, Fremantle Media, NBC or any other part of the show. I do have contact with their PR and publicity people like any other TV news organization might have. However, this site is for the fans.

Well, turns out that a number of readers from this site are reporting that their comments on the NBC America’s Got Talent boards are getting taken down. Reports are that it’s for a TOS Violation, which likely is for comments that were “inappropriate and bordered on contestant bashing.”

I haven’t been to those AGT boards in a while, but I remember they had a ton of really funky rules. In fact, that’s part of the reason I haven’t gone back. However, I find it pretty amusing that they want to try and control people’s comments even if it’s bashing the AGT contestants. Don’t they realize that by doing so, they’re just making people even more angry with the show?

I guess it’s good news for me, because plenty of those people have come to this site where they can share their feelings openly without worrying about a TOS violation. Also, don’t get me wrong. NBC and America’s Got Talent are well within their rights to remove anything that they want on their site. Just like I can remove anything if I feel like it’s in the best interest of this site. However, just because they can, doesn’t mean that they should.

I’ve been running a number of TV related blogs with open comments for the past 4 years. I’ve seen thousands of people comment over that time. Yet, I’ve only had to moderate a half dozen comments (besides the straight up SPAM comments). It just very rarely makes sense to remove comments that people have made. There’s almost no benefit.

Instead the way to deal with those comments is to address them in an open manner. The problem is that it takes some real skill to do it effectively. I’m guessing that the board moderators for the official AGT forum don’t have those skills (or haven’t been given them). So, it’s just easier to make a rule for them to remove the comments. I personally only draw the line when people start making personal comments about other people’s comments or vulgarity of any sort. That’s just unnecessary.

While it feels like removing the comments will make things better, it ironically usually makes things worse.

As such, you’re certainly welcome to make critical and heartfelt comments about America’s Got Talent on this site. In fact, we’re happy to see when you do. That doesn’t mean we will agree with you or that other readers will agree with you either. We can be adults and disagree about topics. Unfortunately, that’s a talent that America seems to be sorely missing.

July 10, 2010 I Written By

Some Very Unhappy America’s Got Talent Viewers

Every season there’s always a number of viewers of America’s Got Talent that are angry that their favorite contestant was sent home in Las Vegas. This is normal. When you become a fan of someone and then you don’t get to see them anymore it’s a sad thing. However, this season it seems that America’s Got Talent may have gone too far. The comments I’m getting are streaming in with people that are more than just sad fans, but with viewers that are extremely upset over the choices.

Here’s a sample of the comments people have sent me (plus check out the ones I posted previously):

From Britton…
I have no contact or relations with anyone involved in this show. I am offended about the people tha. Went through to LA and the people that were left out! 2 come to mind that went through: the wailing banshee on the piano and the hand whistler???? Come on Vegas acts?!?! You sent the indoor kite flying kid home before theses “acts”? I will never watch this show again! You have ruined this show and it no longer will be on my tv. Good job guys! I liked this show too! Farewell!

From Hunter…
This season is the worst by far! The judges pick groups based on “talent” when the reality is, there is none! When they send a group of no good air band players and the woman with the red hair who cannot sing or play the piano there is something wrong! They send through the people who have NO talent and send home the ones that DO! You have lost a viewer America’s Got Talent. Its disappointing that such a great show has such terrible judges.

From Emy…
We are very disappointed with the selections this year & may give up on watching. You are passing up real talent for…..I don’t know what. Old ladies that are NOT entertaining. The last straw was the magicians. The ones you sent home should have stayed. The ones going to HW are…..not entertaining. Then tonight you broke our hearts by sending the homeless veterans home. OH…I the little guy with the huge voice but you kept the guy in all the robes. I think someone besides the judges is making the decisions believing they will help the ratings. They are wrong…you are losing us. Losing us even though there is nothing else to watch. Guess we’ll go for a walk. Tell the guys in charge to leave the judges alone. and quit putting the acts in categories’. If there’s 12 great dance acts then fine. That’s better than watching 3 great acts & 5 ridiculous ones. I know you’ve done that every year, but it seems to be worse this year. Believe it or not, I’m a very positive person…..but you’re giving me a headache.

Plenty more where this came from I’m sure. Just so it’s clear. I’m just a fan of the show like you. I’m as disappointed as most of you. It’s utterly shameful that they put “the wailing banshee on the piano” through to LA. I’m blaming Howie. Maybe we do want the Hoff back (j/k).

This said, I’m not boycotting the show, because there are still some incredible acts that are on the show. I’ll be watching those acts and no doubt America will have its revenge when we vote her off. If we don’t, then I’ll have lost all faith in America. Thankfully I’m not too concerned with this. Plus, we can all band together and turn off our TV sets when “the wailing banshee on the piano” hits the stage. I’d say hit mute, but…well you get the point.

Let’s hope the producers are listening. Can America vote someone out of Hollywood before she even performs?

July 7, 2010 I Written By

Reactions to America’s Got Talent Las Vegas Week

I’ve been getting a lot of messages from people about last night’s America’s Got Talent Las Vegas week decisions. I think that’s a very good sign for the show. If it’s completely quiet, then that means that people don’t care. Here’s some of the comments I was sent…

From Betty & Jerry…
Judges made mistakes tonight 2 people were sent to hollywood and should have been sent home 1. the woman who yodles 2. the guy who pretends he’s a magician We would be ticked if we paid money and this is the talent we got. Neither of these people even warrant $5.00 ticket. YOU SENT THE YOUNG FELLOW FROM PUERTO RICO HOME. Big time mistake. THIS GUY HAS TALENT AND HIS VOICE WARANTS THE GOING VEGAS SHOW RATE. Not much you can do about the 2 disasters you sent through BUT YOU CAN CALL THE PUERTO RICO SINGER BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are retired professionals living about 6-7 months a year in our Huntington Beach CA home. Caesars Palace was a client during my professional career interfacing with top management in Century City. Both Hollywood and Vegas entertainment has been and continues to be a big part of our lives – it brings lots of enjoyment. VEGAS IS GENERALLY OUR CHOICE CITY FOR NEW YEARS. BRING THE YOUNG MAN TO HOLLYWOOD.

I agree about the yodle lady being a mess and I have no clue why she went through. They definitely took the wrong magician too. I’ll write a post about this later. What a travesty indeed! Same with the Puerto Rican singer. He was far from perfect, but better than that other freak show guy. Ugh!

From Sylvia…
I can’t believe they sent the kite flyer home and kept the Old Painted Lady that cannot sing. That is just a miscarriage of there judging abilities and almost makes me want to quick watching the show. There were so many acts that were 100 times better than she was and it makes no sense why they kept her. This is suppose to be a talent show. She did not even stay within the 90 seconds which they said was something that is an automatic disqualification. What are they thinking?????????

The “Old Painted Lady” I LOVE IT!! I’m not sure how much control the judges had versus the producers. I can’t help but wonder if they didn’t just do it for the effect. No doubt she won’t make it through the audience voting. She’s awful. The only good part to her act was when she was “hitting” on Nick and seeing his reaction.

From Rin…
Tonight they showed the elimination round for the 48 spots. The judges eliminated a young singer, I believe his last name was Aponti that had a beautiful voice. They put thru the woman with wild red hair and horrendous make up. She also sang and banged on a piano. They shattered this young mans dreams and put this crazy person thru. Why in the hell do they do this. It is so unfair and not funny at all. I hope more people complain about this because as they are always saying, “IT IS ABOUT TALENT’ then they go and do something stupid like tonight. Please fix this. make this show what it is supposed to be. I am so angry with all of the judges.

As you can see from this post, you’re not alone. Carlos Aponte is his name and I wouldn’t be too concerned about him. Not making the show might be the best thing that happened to him. Then, he’s not under their contract. It’s just unfortunate since I would have much rather seen him perform on the show than a number of other acts.

From Matthew…
Americas got talents will never be watched again withing my house hold. Due to the shame shameful choices to the finals of the entire episode in Vegas 2010. Dont know who two britsh twits thinks they are they dont know talent and select there nazi friends over AMERICAN talent. And for Howie is a shame your no longer a canadian with taste, talent, humor.

Ok, let’s not bring race/ethnicity/nationality into this. It’s just not a factor (or at least one worth discussing). Plus, let’s not have the judges take the full brunt of the blow. I’m sure the producers are involved as well. Also, every year there’s a group of people that say they’re done watching this show based on their decisions. I don’t think that will ever change. It’s an impossible job which is guaranteed to make people angry. Yet, it still leads the summer ratings and people still watch it since the talent that does make it is fun to watch.

From Elena…
about 5 or 6 acts that are not suppose to make it to Hollywood…the man in black suit…the comedian, he is not funny at all…next is the lady that plays the piano and can not sing…the other was the hand singing old lady…she might have a heart attack on stage…the magician…funny but not worth of my money to watch him in Vegas…the girl black girl that looks like Rihanna…can really sing and the best singer out of all the singers there…i can not believe she did not make it…come on judges…wake up already…you are putting in the people that we do not want to see…if this is how u pick…i will never watch that show again…

Hmmm…an old lady having a heart attack on a live show. I wonder what that would do for ratings. I agree with you about the Rhianna look alike. She was a good singer and should have been put through. Although, I think the guy singers have it this year and not the girls. Although, the singing sisters are still my favorite. They better make it or else.

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