Condolences to Evie Clair and her Family

I’m sure I speak for all AGT fans in sending condolences to Evie Clair and her family on her father’s passing today. Evie posted a tribute on her Instagram and her mother has been frequently updating a blog¬†sharing information about his condition and how the family is doing (credit to her for the photo below). I’m very glad Evie was able to get home in time to be there for his final hours, and that she has a few days off before having to head back to Hollywood to prepare for the Finals. (Some fans have speculated she won’t return to AGT, but based on the information her mother has shared on the blog I think she will.)

If you are able, I’m sure Evie and her family would really appreciate a donation to the GoFundMe campaign set up to help cover the cost of the cancer treatments.