PureAGT Season 8 Finale – SPOILERS!!! Who Won???

Jee-zass…almost an hour and a half into the show before we get a single result??? And I have to wonder just what the producers were on when they decided it would be a good idea to have Hoda & Kathie Lee be a part of Collins’ trick…oy vey.  On a good day, I find those women irritating – on a crap day like today, I think I’d rather fellate a hot curling iron than listen to them cackle.  😯 And for the love of god, reality tv shows, enough with that silly ass Icona Pop song!!!

…so without further ado, here are your final results for season 8:

6th place: Cami Bradley

5th place: Collins Key

4th place: Forte

3rd place: Jimmy Rose

Runner-up: Taylor Williamson

WINNER: Kenichi Ebina

I was pulling for Taylor to swoop in and pull out a win, but I’m happy that Kenichi won 🙂 Can we just take a minute to talk about some of the pitifully adorable faces Taylor was pulling while waiting for the results? And how in sharp contrast, Kenichi only has one expression…and it’s a strange combination of confusion and amusement?  😛 As for the rest – no good reason for Jimmy Rose to come in 3rd place.  As I’ve said before – I’m sure he’s a very nice, god-fearing man with a heart of gold…but dude sounded TERRIBLE next to Dierks Bentley tonight.  This is America’s Got TALENT, not “America’s Got a Sappy/Sad/Heartwarming Backstory and Can Sing Kinda Good, Too”.  Surprised that Collins didn’t place higher, with all of the spamming for votes on Twitter that he was doing last night 😛

So what do you guys think? Did the right person win?