PureAGT Season 8, Top 12 – SPOILERS!!! Who Made it Through to the Finale???

Hmmmm….was anyone else not all that impressed with the Olate Dogs or Terry Fator? I guess it kind of put it in perspective for me that this season really might be one of the strongest we’ve had…because I think almost any of the acts in this year’s top 12 could have beat the two returning champs we saw. …but anywho.  The six acts advancing to next week’s finale are Kenichi Ebina, Cami Bradley, Taylor Williamson, Forte, Jimmy Rose, and Collins Key.  And in quite possibly the most shocking snub of the evening – the Kristef Brothers did not advance.  Say whaaaat?

So what happened? So many of us were sure they were a lock for the finale.  I have two theories: one, audience complacence.  Kristef was, arguably, the strongest act of last night, so some viewers may have assumed that they would be just fine and instead threw their votes to acts that had a bit of a stumble (Jimmy Rose, Collins Key).  My other theory? Making the three acrobatic acts perform so close together at the beginning of the show just caused Kristef to get lost in the shuffle and America threw their votes to acts that performed later on.  Regardless, I think Cami and/or Taylor should be thankful that Kristef couldn’t get the votes – because I have a feeling one of them would not have made it through otherwise.

Overall, I can’t say I’m too surprised with the results, with the exception of Kristef getting sent packing.  Just thankful that Catapult and Branden James, the two most overrated acts of last night, did not get through.  What are your thoughts? Keep an eye out for a “Who Will Win?” poll I’m posting later! 😉