PureAGT Season 8, Semifinal #2 – SPOILERS!!! Who Made it Through to the Next Round?

Anyone else totally OVER the judges’ choice and how they continually cop out on actually making a choice? I think they’ve only not done the dreaded 2-2 split twice this season – once for Chicago Boyz in quarterfinal #3, and once for Catapult in last week’s semifinal.  Why even have a judges’ choice when they’re just gonna throw it right back to America???
…so now that my rant is over, let’s get down to brass tacks, shall we? The six acts that advanced to next week’s top 12 are Branden James, Chicago Boyz, Kristef Brothers, Jimmy Rose, Kenichi Ebina, and D’Angelo & Amanda (who beat out Anna Christine in the judges’ choice by virtue of having more viewer votes).

Fairly predictable, except for one – WTF is Branden James still doing in this competition??? Who the hell is voting for him? The guy is a decent singer – but we have GREAT singers this season.  Without sad backstories.  I hereby officially dub Branden James the most overrated act of season 8….good luck, buddy.  Forte is probably going to make you look like a complete rookie next week.  Kenichi, Chicago Boyz, and Kristef were all pretty much guaranteed a spot (although I found it funny and a little bit adorable that the Kristef Brothers couldn’t hear that they made it through 😛 ); and I’m glad that Jimmy beat Marty.  Still not a super-twangy country fan, but I much prefer quiet, humble Jimmy to Marty’s “Look at me! I’m just a funny, good ol’ boy from Kentucky! Hee hee!” act.  SUPER glad that D’Angelo & Amanda made it through over Anna Christine – the latter is talented, but seems to lack polish; the former are consummate professionals and hopefully have some other tricks up their sleeve for next week’s top 12.

So what are your thoughts? Did the right acts make it through tonight?