PureAGT Season 8, Semifinal #1 – SPOILERS!!! Who Made it Through to the Next Round?

Oh em gee, One Direction – except not really, cause my heart will always belong to the boy bands of my youth: the Backstreet Boys, NSYNC, 98 Degrees, and NKOTB 😀 Don’t know Cassadee Pope, so I didn’t even listen – instead, I played with my cousin’s Siamese cat, Hampton.  Vacation rocks 😎
…and now that I’ve wasted enough space, I can share that the six acts that advanced to the top 12 were Innovative Force, Forte, Collins Key, Taylor Williamson, Cami Bradley, and Catapult Entertainment, who beat out Dave Fenley in the judges’ choice by a vote of 3-1.  Forte? Duh.  Collins? Duh.  Taylor? Duh.  Not gonna lie – kinda shocked that Innovative Force pulled it off, considering they seemed to really fade into the background for me last night.  Pleasantly surprised that Cami made it through on her own (without even landing in the judges’ choice), and not at all surprised that silly ass Catapult lives to perform another day, even though they kinda dropped the ball last night.

In an interesting turn of events, Howard revealed that his wild card pick would be Leon Etienne & Romy Low, explaining that he felt that magicians were “unrepresented” this season and he thought he was too critical of them the first time they performed in the quarterfinals. Not gonna lie – that caught me off-guard, because he really didn’t seem that impressed by them.  However, it looks like he just went for variety amongst the sea of singers, and I doubt that Leon & Romy are gonna be able to break the top 12.  Once again, the wild card is rendered completely useless…oh well.

So what do you guys think? Are you happy with who made it through to the top 12?