PureAGT Season 8, Live Show #4 – SPOILERS!!! Who Made it Through to the Next Round?

I’m starting to feel like a broken record, but I’ll say it once more for good measure: THERE ARE WAYYYY TOO MANY SINGERS IN THE SEMIFINALS ALREADY!!! Oh, and the judges as a unit are total wusses when it comes to the judges’ choice vote – may as well get rid of that, too, and just let America pick it, since that’s the way it’s panning out more often than not.

…that said, I’m happy to say I actually got my top 3 predictions right, because Cami Bradley, Jimmy Rose, and Timber Brown made it through to the semifinals, with Taylor Williamson beating out Chloe Channell for the last spot in the judges’ choice (and yes, the judges were split 2-2, and they threw it to America’s vote…AGAIN).

Notably absent? Aerial Ice…who I thought stood a pretty good chance of making it through.  Kind of shocked that they couldn’t even manage to break the top 5.  Pleasantly surprised that Taylor pulled out 4th place in the votes – maybe his brand of humor does read better than I initially thought 🙂

Even though they haven’t announced it, I’m fairly sure there’s still going to be a wild card show – if they’re following the same format as last year and do a top 6 in the finals, then they have room for 2 semifinal rounds of 12 finalists…after the last regular quarterfinal next week, we’ll only have 20 finalists, so there must be a wild card week where we pick up 4 more.  Then again, I could be totally wrong.  What do you guys think, about both tonight’s results and the prospect of a wild card round?