PureAGT Season 8 Vegas Week Predictions – Danger Acts/Magicians/Comedians

Only 24 hours till Vegas! Who’s excited? ūüôā I continue my predictions with my thoughts on the danger acts, magicians, and comedians.¬† If you haven’t already, check out my analysis of the singers and dancers.

Danger acts:

David ‚ÄúThe Cobra Kid‚ÄĚ Weathers: Could go either way.¬†¬†He’s the only animal danger act this season…but how much more can he really do with these snakes?

Brad Byers: Could go either way.¬† He’s a great sword swallower, but there’s another sword swallower this season that can do¬†other things while swallowing swords.¬† However, I think Brad¬†probably has the better stage presence.¬† Which will win the judges over?

Alexanderia the Great: Looking likely.¬† She’s a novelty, in that she’s a middle-aged mom doing dangerous escapes that we typically only see from young men.¬†She’s also go some flexibility in her act – the escape possibilities are endless.

Slackwire Sam: Could go either way.¬† It’s a cool and daring act…but is it all he can do? How can he switch things up in Vegas to keep the act fresh?

Omega Force Strength Team: A long shot.¬† Howie was skeptical about this act from the get-go, and unless they’re flipping cars in Vegas, I think they may fall a bit flat.¬†There’s only so many heavy objects they can lift before it becomes repetitive.

Team Rock:¬†Could go either way.¬† The only martial arts act this season, but they don’t seem to have a very¬†unified act…it’s just a series of tricks.¬† Can they create more of a “show”?

David Ferman: A sure thing. He’s this season’s only juggler, and I think he’s got a pretty broad skill set in that respect.¬† He also knows how to set up an act in order to make it suspenseful.

Alex Magala: Looking likely.¬† He swallows swords – then proceeds to do other things with the sword down his throat.¬† I’d say that’s probably pretty impressive in the judges’ eyes.



Special Head: A sure thing.¬†¬†People are still talking about the levitation he did – and he’s got this great¬†mystical persona to carry off tricks well.¬†¬†He’s unique, and not really like any other magician we’ve had on the show.

Collins Key: Looking likely.  Young, attractive, well-rehearsed kid with cool up-close magic tricks.

Leon Etienne: Could go either way. I doubt we’ll see more than two magicians this year,¬†and I’m having a hard time remembering Leon’s act…other than the fact that it was kind of cheesy.¬† But¬†we do need¬†some cannon fodder acts, so maybe he has a shot.

Naathan Phan:  A long shot.  I really like this guy, but he basically flubbed his first trick at the auditions and only made it through based on an impromptu trick the judges let him do to redeem himself.  Will he be able to avoid dud tricks in Vegas?



Dave Shirley: Could go either way.¬†The LCD screen thing is cool, but I’m not sure how much more he can really do with it.

Angela Hoover: Could go either way.¬†¬†I would have had her pegged for the live shows…until Jim Meskimen showed up, and he’s unfortunately a better impressionist.¬† Not sure if we have room for two impressionists this season…but she is the only female in the comedy category, so who knows.

Taylor Williamson:¬† Looking likely.¬†He’s got this adorably awkward manner about him, and manages to make it work for him in his act.¬† His comedy is relevant, relatable, and amusing.

Jim Meskimen: A sure thing.¬†¬†One of the best impressionists the show has ever seen…and I’m sure he’s got a lot more up his sleeve.

Kevin Downey Jr.: Could go either way.  He was amusing, but I felt as though the judges were just chuckling at him, while they belly-laughed for Taylor.

So which acts do you think stand a chance in Vegas?