PureAGT Season 8 Premiere Preview – “Level of Talent is High in San Antonio”

Hello AGT fans! Allow me to introduce myself – I’m Courtney, and some of you may know me from my work over at PureDWTS.  For those of you that don’t – hopefully I can entertain you this season here at PureAGT, and we can have some great discussion over what seems to be a promising season 🙂

Speaking of which, mysanantonio.com has some very interesting previews of what we can expect from the San Antonio auditions in the premiere tomorrow night, and some very high praise for the city from the judges.  Howie & Howard were both impressed by what San Antonio had to offer:

“The variety was fantastic! The level of talent is way high in San Antonio,”  Howard  Stern said during an interview with the judges between auditions at Lila  Cockrell Theatre.

“I’m the elder statesman of this group,” Howie  Mandel added, “and I can say I’ve never seen more talent in one session in  one city in my four years on the show.”

Read more: http://www.mysanantonio.com/entertainment/entertainment_columnists/jeanne_jakle/article/S-A-gets-spot-on-NBC-Talent-premiere-4563146.php#ixzz2VCGVHYHe

The fact that these particular auditions have the judges so excited makes me hopeful that tomorrow’s premiere will make a strong showing.  Some of the previews they offered for some of the acts that we’ll see also sound very intriguing. Warning! Spoilers after the jump…

Viewers can expect the unexpected when season eight of “America’s Got Talent”  premieres at 8 p.m. Tuesday on NBC. Sure, there were plenty of top-notch singers  at S.A.’s March auditions, but the unusual acts were what stuck in the judges’  memories. Among them: a darling 3-year-old named Mateo, who was part of a young  trio that danced with knives (Mandel said they reminded him of the old “Our  Gang” bunch); a “Top-40” mariachi group that is said to be upsetting purists; a  daring swords swallower who made judge Mel B gag; and a man who gets  rattlesnakes and cobras to do frightening things.

Read more: http://www.mysanantonio.com/entertainment/entertainment_columnists/jeanne_jakle/article/S-A-gets-spot-on-NBC-Talent-premiere-4563146.php#ixzz2VCHeE56p

So singers aplenty – no huge surprise there. Hmmmm…kids dancing with knives??? That’s certainly a new one 😛 Seems like there’s always at least one sword swallower/sideshow act each season – hopefully this one brings a new twist to the act, because I always find that the sideshow acts have a tendency to plateau after about their 2nd or 3rd performance.  The mariachi group? I would say that they’ve got a tough act to follow after Sebastian El Charro de Oro made it to the semifinals last season – but it does sound like this “top 40” twist could be interesting.  Dangerous animals? Sounds cool to me – as long as he doesn’t do anything with spiders.  *shudders*

The article also mentioned a “skyliner” act, which allowed the judges to venture outside to watch two performers walk across a tightrope strung 40 feet above the river.  It also mentioned that tomorrow’s show would be “a mix of auditions from San Antonio, New York, & Los Angeles”, and that we will see more San Antonio auditions peppered in later in the audition shows.

So who’s excited to tune in tomorrow night??? 😀 Keep an eye out after the show, as I will be posting an “audition round rundown” detailing all the acts we see tomorrow night, and we can discuss it together.  This girl’s excited to be on board here at PureAGT! 🙂