America’s Got Talent Season 7: Second Semifinals Top Three

Since I am overseas at the moment… this is why this particular post is particularly late. 😉

Just as I have done in the previous semifinals post I will simply post what I originally thought of the three acts that have made it through into the finals and what I would like to see happen.

But first the following acts that have made it through to the finals:
1: Olate Dogs
2: The Untouchables
3: David Garibaldi and his CYMKs

David Garibaldi and his CYMKs

This was an act that I enjoyed but I was not entirely convinced would work in a larger stage, was I wrong! Painting, music, dancing, some acrobatics… this is a unique act that I could only see getting bigger and more entertaining. Like right now I would love to see a mural going across the stage, and maybe have another painter or two to help out to have a bit more going on and not just one artist. Bringing in more dancers and add more acrobatics, I think I could handle seeing them in at least a one hour show. Perhaps even bring in a soloist to sing as they paint and dance. The possibilities are endless here. Right now with just the five of them, I don’t think they are enough for a massive Vegas act, but grow them up, add more people as dancers, painters, etc and I see a lot of potential. Hell I might go so far as to say I would love to see them be in at least the Top Five this season, if not the outright winners.

Olate Dogs:

This act was just non stop trick after trick after trick. Granted once in a while there would be one dog that just wouldn’t do the trick and it wasn’t until a second try that it would… but for the most part this was non-stop fun. Though I had a funny inclination that this is set up to be a bit of a circus act as a opposed to a Las Vegas act. Not that it couldn’t be… but how much more can it grow? If this act can grow into something larger and “Vegas worthy” I say they would stand a chance to making it beyond the Semi-Finals. However… as much as I love the act, I am not entirely convinced.

The Untouchables

As I have said time and time again, I am not entirely convinced that a youth act would be a successful “Million Dollar Act”… even though what they presented for the quarterfinals is by far a well developed and choreographed routine. They allowed most everyone a moment to shine, had many layers of skills and routines that gives much for the audience member to see. Now I love ballroom dancing and they are technically proficient, but as much as it is more than a “recital” piece it is still leaps and bounds away from being something that I would be willing to pay big bucks to see in Vegas. Perhaps in semifinals they will change my mind, but I highly doubt it.

Personally no matter how well The Untouchables did in their act for the semifinals I fully believe that the voters got this one wrong and should have voted through Lightwire Theater as opposed to The Untouchables. Below was my quarterfinals impressions of Lightwire Theater:

If this act doesn’t make it to the top five (ok… Honestly if they don’t win) I would be supremely disappointed. They are a polished group that could really do well in a larger stage show / production. Hell why go to Vegas…. I could see them performing either across the country or even create a production as a mainstay at the Great White Way. By meshing dance, storytelling and electronics they have created an act that will captivate you from beginning to end. One problem.. After being on such a high it is a rather far drop here is hoping they continue to grow and expand with every continuous appearance.

So yes, personally I would have loved to have seen Lightwire Theater make it through to the finals, but for some reason the voting audience wasn’t as impressed with them or having seen the growth as I do. But what can one do? Granted they were part of the split for the Judges Choice, but really that wasn’t a very fair split between Lightwire Theater and David Garibaldi.

Stay tuned as (hopefully) I will have a post on the Final Six acts and how I believe they would fair in the finals be it individually and against one another.