America’s Got Talent Season 7: Fourth Quarterfinals Top Four!

Wow, Katie’s on a roll this season. From her Power Rankings and Poll she correctly predicted the acts that were moving on to the Semi Finals.
1. William Close
2. Joe Castillo
3. Olate Dogs
4. Eric Dittleman

In a change from the Third Quarterfinals where I thought the talent was largely underwhelming, the Fourth Quarterfinals turned out to be one of the more difficult evenings when it came to talent. Sure there were low points and there were high points but there were a lot of high points in last night’s performances and I for one only knew of two acts that I thought stood a strong chance of making it through to the Semi-Finals but the other two were relatively up in the air.

After watching all the acts again below are my thoughts as to whom is a legitimate “Million Dollar Act” and how far I would like to see them go in the competition.
1. William Close – Earth Harp
This one I think is a no brainer. He’s not only a musician, but he’s an engineer and an artist. Granted the instrument is he most known for right now is the “Earth Harp”, however we did get a glimpse of other instruments that he has created. He expanded his act to include a vocalist and those other instruments, now just imagine what he could do if he built an entire orchestra? He mentioned in the package that his love is building his instruments and yes the “Earth Harp” is thus far the biggest draw and that will always be the biggest draw… but if he starts integrating more instruments to show just what else he has come up with and do it well I see no issues with him headlining a show in Vegas with or without the “Million Dollar” prize… he can do it.

2. Olate Dogs
This act was just non stop trick after trick after trick. Granted once in a while there would be one dog that just wouldn’t do the trick and it wasn’t until a second try that it would… but for the most part this was non-stop fun. Though I had a funny inclination that this is set up to be a bit of a circus act as a opposed to a Las Vegas act. Not that it couldn’t be… but how much more can it grow? If this act can grow into something larger and “Vegas worthy” I say they would stand a chance to making it beyond the Semi-Finals. However… as much as I love the act, I am not entirely convinced.

3. Eric Dittleman
This is an act that would wow you over and over again… but how long until you are ready for the next bit? Thus far he has done a little bit of mind reading and a little bit of predicting where else can he go? This strikes me as an act that is meant more for the little intimate settings as opposed to the large Las Vegas stage. To me… even though I would love to see him on the stage, I don’t think it would suit at all… it is just too difficult, but that’s just me. I wouldn’t be surprised if he makes it past the Semi-Finals, but honestly I’m not convinced that it would be a good fit.

4. Joe Castillo
If memory serves this is not the first time that a sand artist has come across the AGT stage, but this is the first time that one was able to capture the attention of the audience and judges with his images and storytelling. Very much like Eric, I am not convinced that this is a strong large Las Vegas stage act… this is something I would love to see in a more intimate setting, not only that most Las Vegas shows are at least an hour long. I love what he can do within a couple of minutes but could that actually translate into something over the course of an hour? It’s hard to say.

Since there is a Wild Card show two weeks after the Olympics, below is are the eight acts that didn’t make it through tonight.