America’s Got Talent Season 7: Third Quarterfinals Top Four!

Once again, it would appear that both Katie’s Power Rankings and the Poll from last night coincide with the results of today’s elimination results:
1. Light Wire Theater
2. Jacob Williams
3. The Untouchables
4. All Wheel Sports

After watching the performances again, it felt like the acts as a whole was rather underwhelming in comparison to the previous week’s quarterfinals episodes. From the above I do see potential for the coveted “Million Dollar Act”, below are my thoughts as to how far the above acts could go in this series.

1. Light Wire Theater
If this act doesn’t make it to the top five (ok… Honestly if they don’t win) I would be supremely disappointed. They are a polished group that could really do well in a larger stage show / production. Hell why go to Vegas…. I could see them performing either across the country or even create a production as a mainstay at the Great White Way. By meshing dance, storytelling and electronics they have created an act that will captivate you from beginning to end. One problem.. After being on such a high it is a rather far drop here is hoping they continue to grow and expand with every continuous appearance.

2. All Wheel Sports
Combining extreme sports with dancing gives something pleasing to the eye, but for some reason it was just way too busy for me to watch. Almost the point that I just stopped watching this act altogether. When you strip it down, the tricks on wheel are not all that different than that of their original competitors: American BMX Stunt Team… and the dancing isn’t all that great by itself… but together it’s a little bit of something for everyone.

But I think that is what may help them become a “Million Dollar Act”, because they are a little bit of everything if they can find a way to streamline it so it is slightly easier to follow I think they would have a winning act on their hands.

3. Jacob Williams
Can a standup comedian be a “Million Dollar Act”? That’s hard to say. Jacob is a very strong comedian, but I tend to see comedians in smaller stage or intimate settings in Vegas. What I like about Jacob is that even though he is young, he is strong and his material is very different than that of the other comedian in this competition. In many ways Jacob is very different from Tom, and I think that would help him in the long run, or hurt him.

4. The Untouchables
As I have said time and time again, I am not entirely convinced that a youth act would be a successful “Million Dollar Act”… even though what they presented for the quarterfinals is by far a well developed and choreographed routine. They allowed most everyone a moment to shine, had many layers of skills and routines that gives much for the audience member to see. Now I love ballroom dancing and they are technically proficient, but as much as it is more than a “recital” piece it is still leaps and bounds away from being something that I would be willing to pay big bucks to see in Vegas. Perhaps in semifinals they will change my mind, but I highly doubt it.