America’s Got Talent Top 48 Auditions

In case you missed or want to watch again some of the acts from the America’s Got Talent 2012 Top 48, you can find the America’s Got Talent Top 48 videos below!

Lion Dance Me: Quarterfinals

Danger act Lion Dance Me is consistently exciting, but the judges are looking for variety as well as skill. Hopefully, Lion Dance Me can deliver.

Turf: Quarterfinals

Turf has come a long way since his days of dancing for change on the streets of San Francisco. Now, he’s hoping to get one step closer to the million-dollar prize.

The All Ways: Quarterfinals

NYC rock ‘n’ roll band The All Ways has powered through two rounds of tough auditions. Now they’re back in their hometown, hoping to rock on to the next round.

Hawley Magic: Quarterfinals

Hawley Magic mesmerized the judges in the last round of auditions, and they’re trying to keep their momentum in tonight’s performance.

Lisa Clark Dancers: Quarterfinals

The Lisa Clark Dancers are known for their captivating choreography. Tonight they’re hoping it will take them one step closer to AGT’s million-dollar prize.

The Aurora Light Painters: Quarterfinals

The Aurora Light Painters combine light, performance art and photo technology to create a captivating work of light art during their live performance.

Danielle Stallings: Quarterfinals

Danielle could be this season’s Cinderella story. She’s came through the first two rounds of auditions almost unnoticed, but now it’s her time to shine.

Donovan and Rebecca: Quarterfinals

Donovan and Rebecca have consistently surprised and amazed the judges. If they keep it up, they’ll have a good shot at AGT’s million-dollar prize.

Big Barry: Quarterfinals

Big Barry is America’s favorite little guy with a big personality. He’s charmed his way through two rounds of auditions. Hopefully he can impress the judges with a live performance.

Tom Cotter: Quarterfinals

Tom Cotter is a veteran stand-up comedian with years of experience. Tonight, he hopes those experienced nerves will take him through to the next round of live performances.

Ben Blaque: Quarterfinals

Ben’s amazing crossbow trick shots have shot him through the first two rounds of auditions. Now he’s hoping his live performance will take him one step closer to AGT’s million-dollar prize.

Tim Hockenberry: Quarterfinals

Tim’s gruff singing voice and inspiring backstory have carried him through the previous two rounds of competition. Tonight, he hopes to sing his way to the next round.