America’s Got Talent Season 7: Second Quarterfinals Top Four!

Another week, another twelve acts were put through the gauntlet that was the second Quarterfinals of America’s Got Talent. Looking at the poll from yesterday it would appear that those that Katie believed would be going forward coincided with the top four from the poll (in order of popularity):
1. Turf
2. Donovan and Rebecca
3. Tom Cotter
4. Tim Hockenberry
Again I agree with the choices between Katie and the poll, so I would say that this was a fair representation of what the general audience enjoyed from the show. Do I think that any of these is a “Million Dollar Act” in Vegas? Personally, not really… but that doesn’t mean that I did not enjoy them.

So below are the four acts that made it through to the semifinals and my thoughts on them as well as how far I think they are going to go this season.
1: Tom Cotter
The last time we had a strong comedian on the stage (that caught my attention) was Grandma Lee and that was way back in Season 4 and she used a lot of sexual innuendos in her jokes. Thus far Tom Cotter’s sets are rather clean in comparison and he is still getting the laughs. The fact that Nick had to jump on the bandwagon and mention that Tom, during rehearsals, did entirely different set of jokes is rather impressive. How much material does this guy have? I could see a full show revolving around him I mean other stand up comedians do it all the time, but a “Million Dollar Act”? That is a possibility, if he is just barely scraping the surface of the kind of material that he has in his repertoire at the moment.

2: Donovan and Rebecca
Sharon had it right: every time we see them, they bring something new to the table. I really like how it is not always the guy that is providing the strength and power in this act, Rebecca actually carries Donovan as well. For a rough idea of what they have done thus far:
– City Auditions: balancing act
– Las Vegas Callbacks: Aerial Ring act
– Quarterfinals: Aerial Silks act
I am really curious to see what else they bring onto the table for the semi-finals because honestly I don’t know what to expect from these two… and that sense of the unknown is fine by me. I could see them making it all the way to the finals, but win it all? I am not entirely certain.

3: Turf
He draws your attention and keeps you mesmerized. As a performer he is top notch, but other than longer routines… what else could he do? I love dancers, but dancers don’t always strike me as a “Million Dollar Act” no matter how talented they are, much like the Scott Brothers last week. I would love to see him make it past the Semifinals, but I don’t know… I think that depends largely on how he does in the Semifinals.

4: Tim Hockenberry
What is there to say about him? He is a rather strong vocalist. But like I said about Shanice and Maurice Hayes last week, when I think of Vegas I don’t necessarily think of vocalists filling the stage. He has a lot of talent and is beginning to show his range so he might have a fighting chance, but I am going to have to agree with Howard on this one, I don’t think it will be a singing act that wins America’s Got Talent this season. Tim has a chance to make it to the finals depending on who else goes through the semi-finals, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

Now that we know who the four acts that are going through are… who do you think deserves another chance?