America’s Got Talent Blast to the Past: Bianca Ryan

Before she was even a teenager, Bianca Ryan was the first winner of America’s Got Talent six years ago. Because of versatility in music choices and powerful voice, Simon Cowell once said she was “potentially one of the best singers [he has] ever heard in [his life.]” Now, six years later, what is Ryan doing now as a 17 year old?

Well first, lets visit her journey on America’s Got Talent:

(compare first season to the current season..SO much has changed, agreed? Personally, I like the judges and host a lot better now.)

That girl has some serious talent. Probably why she won, right? And the fact that she was 11 is even more incredible. What was I doing at 11? Um, I think I was performing in my 6th grade musical rendition of Tom Sawyer. Not quite the same.

Soon after winning, Ryan produced and released a self-titled album that debuted at #57 on the Billboard Top 200. Although that is the only CD she has released since AGT, she has still kept busy. She has released two EPs and done a little bit of touring.

Currently, Ryan is now 17-years-old and attending a performing arts school in Philadelphia. She is also preparing for a starring role in a feature film titled “We Be Kings.” Ryan has definitely had a good career so far, and is on the road to even more stardom. Quincy Jones, a global music producer, said that he believes Ryan will be “The next revolution in music.”

I really like her. She has genuine talent (unlike a lot of popular musicians that are her same age). I hope to see more of her in the future!

And just for fun, here is one of her most recent songs, “In My Head”.