America’s Got Talent Top 48

In case you missed or want to watch again some of the acts from the America’s Got Talent 2012 Top 48, find the individual performances below!

The Journey to the Quarterfinals
It’s been a long journey to the quarterfinals for judges and contestants alike.

The Distinguished Men of Brass: Quarterfinals
Tampa’s Distinguished Men of Brass bring their delightful jazz performance to the quarterfinals.

Behind the Scenes with the AGT Judges
Judging America’s most talented acts can be tough work. Luckily, Nick and the judges know how to have fun, too.

Edon: Quarterfinals
Edon is a young musical phenom who brings his incredible voice to the AGT quarterfinals for a shot at the million-dollar prize.

Jarrett and Raja: Quarterfinals
Jarrett and Raja bring their whimsical magic and music performance to the AGT quarterfinals, hoping for another chance at the million-dollar prize.

Lil Starr: Quarterfinals
Lil Starr is still small, but her bubbly personality seems to be growing exponentially as she takes the stage in the AGT quarterfinals.

Todd Oliver: Quarterfinals
Ventriloquist Todd Oliver introduces another furry friend to his ventriloquist act, as his dog Lucy joins Irving on the live stage.

American BMX Stunt Team: Quarterfinals
The American BMX Stunt Team brings its high-flying BMX show to the big stage, hoping to prove that they’re America’s most talented act.

Nikki Jensen: Quarterfinals
Nikki Jensen crooned her way to the quarterfinals, blowing out most of the competition in the process. She’s not slowing down any time soon, either.

The Scott Brothers: Quarterfinals
The Scott Brothers bring their precision dance moves and elaborate costumes to the AGT quarterfinals, looking for another shot at the million-dollar prize.

Michael Nejad: Quarterfinals
Musical genius Michael Nejad demonstrates his proficiency with musical instruments, including homemade instruments he crafted using household objects.

787 Crew: Quarterfinals
787 Crew has come all the way from Puerto Rico to prove they are the most talented act America has to offer.

Shanice and Maurice Hayes: Quarterfinals
They started off singing on the sidewalks of Kansas City, but now father-daughter duo Shanice and Maurice Hayes are in the Big Apple on a quest for the million-dollar prize.

David Garibaldi and his CMYKs: Quarterfinals
David Garibaldi is up to his old tricks again as he and his crew create a phenomenal speed painting right before the judges’ eyes.