America’s Got Talent Season 7: First Quarterfinals Top Four!

So there you have it! The first four acts that are making it to the Semifinals of America’s Got Talent. Based on the poll that Katie put up yesterday, I say that it was a fair representation of what the general audience enjoyed from the show. In fact I agree with a lot of Katie’s choices for who was to definitely move on and who had the best chance of moving on, though I was surprised that the American BMX Stunt Team wasn’t part of the split for the Judges’ Choice, but that’s just me. The question I am wondering is who actually has the potential to be the “Million Dollar Act” in Vegas.

So below are the four acts that made it through to the semifinals and my thoughts on them as well as how far I think they are going to go this season.

1: David Garibaldi and his CMYKs
This was an act that I enjoyed but I was not entirely convinced would work in a larger stage, was I wrong! Painting, music, dancing, some acrobatics… this is a unique act that I could only see getting bigger and more entertaining. Like right now I would love to see a mural going across the stage, and maybe have another painter or two to help out to have a bit more going on and not just one artist. Bringing in more dancers and add more acrobatics, I think I could handle seeing them in at least a one hour show. Perhaps even bring in a soloist to sing as they paint and dance. The possibilities are endless here. Right now with just the five of them, I don’t think they are enough for a massive Vegas act, but grow them up, add more people as dancers, painters, etc and I see a lot of potential. Hell I might go so far as to say I would love to see them be in at least the Top Five this season, if not the outright winners.

2: The Scott Brothers
I am a dance geek, so you can bet that I am picking apart dance routines like there is no tomorrow. The moves that the Scott Brothers do are not unique by any stretch of the imagination, but how they put together their choreography is by far right up there with the best of them. I really like their style, musicality, etc. The fact that they are an older duo than what you’d typically equate dancers too is also rather impressive. I am kind of curious how they would make their act bigger because I love seeing them in a more intimate setting. As a “million dollar act” I see some potential, but I think they would be more successful in a long series of smaller venue shows and a lot of guest spots on other programs and have a lot of staying power… like let’s say a results show on Dancing With the Stars? Just sayin.

3: Shanice and Maurice Hayes
I really love this duo, I truly do. I do not agree with Howie that the dad should be dropped from the duo mainly because I feel that by having the father there, Shanice is able to shine that much more. As long as they keep this up they should have a decent lasting career in music with Shanice developing that much more as a vocalist and possibly being able to venture out on her own in time (a la Sonny and Cher). Do I see them as the “million dollar act”, no… not really. But I do see them having lasting power. This is by far one of my favorite vocal related acts this season and I really want them to make it as far as the finals.

4: Edon
I have never been a huge advocate with having children on the show, in general there is just so much development left for them before exposing them to the rigors and stresses on being on stage, especially as young as pre-teens or younger (I do not include Shanice and Maurice in this mainly because the father is an integral part fo the act, so he can be her grounding point over time). That being said, talent-wise, Edon has an amazing voice, even for someone so young. However, being around fourteen years of age (I believe) he may still yet to go through puberty and when he does he would have a hell of an adjustment period vocal-wise. That’s the danger with having children vocalists on a stage like this, especially pre-pubescent ones because even though you have a kid with a wonderful voice, is it going to last? Again that being said, I love listening to him and want to hear more but I am dubious of him being a “million dollar act”, I believe he has some staying power as long as he could stay where he is now… but eventually he going to grow up.

What I found mildly interesting is that one of the judges on Monday night mentioned a “second chance” show that may occur down the road… so just between you and me, pick the three acts you would like to see come back for a second chance…