America’s Got Talent 2012 Las Vegas Week

In case you missed or want to watch again some of the acts from the America’s Got Talent 2012 Las Vegas Week, find the individual performances below, in addition to an exciting preview of next week’s America’s Got Talent 2012 live quarterfinals!

Battle Born
Battle Born is a hip-hop dance crew from Las Vegas who can dance on practically any part of their bodies. This is their chance to show America what they’re made of.

Burton Crane
After Burton Crane’s first audition in New York, the country had just one question: “Whatcha gonna do?” Now Burton gives them another question to ponder.

Danielle Stallings
Danielle Stallings comes to Las Vegas from the St. Louis auditions, where the 14-year-old wowed the judges with her soulful singing voice.

Giani the Magician
Giani the Magician takes the stage to demonstrate his mind-reading abilities. His trick is cool, but his mind-reading skills are a little off.

Hawley Magic
Hawley Magic impresses the judges by performing a classic stage illusion with a surprise twist.

Jarrett and Raja
Jarrett and Raja combine music and magic into a whimsical, unforgettable stage magic show.

Donovan and Rebecca
In their New York audition, Donovan and Rebecca demonstrated incredible balance and counter-balancing skills. This time, they do something a little different.

Lil Babywockee
Lil Babywockee is a 6-year-old popping and locking phenom who brings her remarkable dance skills from Los Angeles to Las Vegas.

Benn Mendoza’s Circus
Benn Mendoza’s Circus is an ensemble act consisting of aerial acrobats, floor gymnastics, dance, stunts and anything else Benn Mendoza can think of.

Granny G
Granny G, the rapping grandma, won the crowd over with a rap song about how to be a good man. Now, she’s hoping to get the judges amped up again.

Lil Starr
Lil Starr is a 6-year-old tap dancer with a huge personality and some killer dance moves.

Rob Hayes
Rob Hayes is a stylish rapper who has dedicated his life to his craft. Now it’s his chance to show the world what he’s made of.

Serengeti Steve
Serengeti Steve brings his animal handling skills and knowledge to Las Vegas to impress the judges by messing with some incredibly dangerous wildlife.

Summer Lacy
Summer Lacy is a phenomenal aerial acrobat who brings her incredible talent to the Vegas stage… or rather, high above the Vegas stage.

Tevin McGuire
Tevin McGuire impresses the judges with his incredible singing voice, proving once again that America has some really talented kids.

The All Ways
Rock ‘n’ roll quartet The All Ways blows the judges away with its roaring hard rock sound.

The Cos Fam
The Cos Fam is a dance trio that has put together an amazing routine for their second round of auditions in Vegas.

The Emily Anne Band
The Emily Anne Band brings their unique sound and vocals to the stage to prove to the judges that they’re the band to look out for.

The Rhymatist
The Rhymatist is a rapper who improvises all of his lyrics. This time, he makes up an impromptu rap song about Las Vegas, the auditions and going to New York.

The Scott Brothers
The Scott Brothers bring their precision choreography, whimsical humor and awesome pop-locking skills to Las Vegas.

The Distinguished Men of Brass
The Distinguished Men of Brass bring their jazz band skills to Las Vegas for a shot at AGT’s million-dollar prize.

The Williams Brothers
The Williams Brothers’ dance routine consists of perfectly choreographed pop moves and slow motion wind-downs that look incredible onstage.

Unity in Motion
Dance ensemble Unity in Motion comes to the Vegas stage with a Black Swan-inspired modern dance piece.

Wordspit the Illest
High-energy rock/hip-hop band Wordspit the Illest brings an energetic original song to the AGT stage in Vegas.

Big Barry
Big Barry is a little guy with a big personality. He proved in his Tampa audition that he’s full of surprises, and now he’s come all the way to Vegas to do it again.

David Garibaldi and His CMYKs
In his first audition, David Garibaldi and His CMYKs impressed the judges with their speed painting. Now they’re back for another spellbinding performance.

Inspire the Fire
Inspire the Fire has been called “The Urban Glee,” and they’re eager to make a good impression in Vegas.

John Pizzi
John Pizzi is a comedian who uses technology to his advantage. He knows he needs to up the ante in Vegas, so in this audition, he’s pulling out all the stops.

Lindsey Norton
Lindsey Norton is an incredible gymnast and a phenomenal dancer. She combines these two talents into a captivating performance.

Lisa Clark Dancers
The Lisa Clark Dancers are going to do two things every time they perform: surprise you and impress.

Michael Nejad
Michael Nejad makes instruments out of household objects. He demonstrates his amazing talent for the judges in Las Vegas.

Rockstar Juggler Mike Price
Mike puts the “rockstar” in Rockstar Juggler. He’s also an amazing juggler, and he shows off his impressive juggling ability for the judges in Las Vegas.

In his first audition, Elusive impressed the judges with his incredible dance moves. Now, he brings his unique brand of break dancing to Las Vegas.

Stepz is a street dancer who has come all the way from New York City to show the judges – and his friend/rival Turf – what he’s made of.

Stepz vs. Turf
Beneath the overall AGT competition, street dancers Stepz and Turf were having their own private battle.

Turf is a street performer from San Francisco who’s trying to trade in his street-dancing cred for a shot at the million-dollar prize.

Winners and Losers, Part 1
The judges announce their favorite acts and send them on to New York to compete in the AGT semifinals.

Winners and Losers, Part 2
The judges announce the rest of their favorite acts and send them on to New York to compete in the AGT semifinals.