America’s Got Talent 2012 Las Vegas Auditions Part 1

In case you missed or want to watch again some of the acts from the America’s Got Talent 2012 Las Vegas auditions, we’ve embedded them below. Over 100 acts went to AGT Las Vegas. Which ones were your favorites?

All Beef Patty
All Beef Patty brings her powerful voice and unique style to the Las Vegas stage.

All That!
All-male clogging group All That! brings their lightning-fast clogging to the AGT stage in Vegas.

All Wheel Sports
The high-flying stunt, acrobatics, and gymnastics team brings their action-packed performance to the Vegas auditions.

American BMX Stunt Team
American BMX Stunt Team shows off their exciting BMX stunt show, which features soaring bike and skateboard jumps, flips, and tricks.

Andrew De Leon
Andrew De Leon brought the crowd to its feet during his first performance in front of an audience in Austin.

Ben Blaque
Ben Blaque brings his incredible precision crossbow skills to the Las Vegas semi-finals.

Cristin Sandu
Cristin Sandu wows the judges again with his amazing balancing act, teetering atop a shaky stack of metal tubes.

Funk Beyond Control
Dance ensemble Funk Beyond Control takes the stage with their energetic dance routine and elaborate costumes.

Horse, King of Nut Shots
Horse amazed the judges in Los Angeles with his ability to take a hit to the groin. Now he’s back with an even more dangerous collection of groin-focused stunts.

Joe Castillo
Joe Castillo impresses the judges yet again with his unique light-and-sand painting performance.

Light Wire Theater
Light Wire Theater returns to the stage to perform their light puppetry show for the judges while their new rivals, Aurora Light Painters, watch from backstage.

Loyalty Dance Team
The Loyalty Dance Team brought the house down during the St. Louis auditions, and they’ve brought their A-game to Las Vegas in hopes of beating out their rivals, 787 Crew.

Luiz Meneghin
Luiz dazzled the crowd in San Francisco during his first audition. Now he’s bringing his powerful pipes to the stage in Las Vegas.

Luna first auditioned in St. Louis, and the judges liked her so much that they invited her back to the semi-finals in Las Vegas.

New Guard America
New Guard America takes the stage to impress the judges by spinning and tossing rifles adorned with long, sharp bayonets.

Simply Sergio
Simply Sergio impressed the judges with his first audition in St. Louis, and he’s hoping to do it again in Vegas.

Todd Oliver and Irving
Todd Oliver isn’t your typical ventriloquist. He’s figured out a way to use his dog as a puppet, making his already entertaining performance even more unique.
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787 Crew
787 Crew from Puerto Rico brings their high-energy dance act to the Vegas stage to impress the judges and earn a chance at the million-dollar prize.

Aurora Light Painters
Following their toughest competition, the Aurora Light Painters take the stage to show off their amazing visual art production, offering up an equally impressive serving of their spectacular act.

Mary Joyner
Last week, Mary Joyner captivated the audience with her emotional performance. Now she’s trying to do it again in Las Vegas.

Nikki Jensen
Nikki Jensen floored the judges in Austin with her unique voice. Now it’s time for her to prove her talent in Vegas for a chance at the million-dollar prize.