America’s Got Talent Seven 7: Vegas Week

This week there are three days of America’s Got Talent at 8:00pm on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

At the top of Vegas Week the judges have separated the acts into two primary groups:
Judges Favorites: are the acts that the judges believe have the best chance to succeed on the live shows
Standbys: are the acts the judges are unsure about and will see them if there are slots available after the Judges Favorites have gone through

Anyone whose name is not found under the two groups mentioned above they would not perform in Vegas and would be going straight home that day. The catch is with that though is that some acts that do not have a chance to prove their worth at all while there will be some others that were given a free pass to the Live Shows in New York. The acts that we will definitely see in the Live Shows include:
William Close: Earth Harp
Olate Dogs: Dog Act
David “the Bullet” Smith: Human Cannonball

While the Judges Favorites are performing the Standbys are required to sit in the audience and watch what happens. What I found to be interesting is that people are crumbling left and right. I am not used to seeing that for America’s Got Talent, but a major part of that could be how the show is being edited to evoke maximum drama within a one-hour show.

On Wednesday / Thursday I will post who made the Top 48 Acts (well now 45 since 3 acts got a free pass to New York) that are moving on to the Live Shows in New York, I will also attempt to breakdown who came from which group / category so we can see how they all panned out.

The Danger Acts
All Wheel Sports, Stunt BMX Team
Ben Blaque, crossbow Performer
American BMX Stunt Team, stunt BMX team
Cristin Sandu, Balancing Performer
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Female Vocalists
Nikki Jensen, Singer/Musician
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Dance Groups
787 Crew, Dance Crew
All That!, Clogging Dance Troupe
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All Beef Patty, drag queen
Joe Castillo, sand art
Horse – King of Nut Shots, Novelty Performer
Light Wire Theater, Glow-Light Dance Group
Aurora Light Painters, light painting group
Todd Oliver & Irving, comedian/ventriloquist

Magic Acts
Eric Dittelman, mind-reader
Spencer Horsman, escape artist

Vocal Groups
Eric & Olivia, Vocal duo
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Shanice & Maurice, Singing Duo

Tom Cotter, comedian
Jacob Williams, comedian

Youth Acts
Sebastien “El Charro de Oro”, mariachi Singer
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The Untouchables, Dance Troupe
Edon, Singer

Male Vocalists
Ulysses, Singer
Tim Hockenberry, Singer/Pianist
Jake Wesley Rogers, Singer

Magic Acts
Jarrett and Raja, magicians
Jonathan Hawley, magician

Wordspit, the Illest!, band
The Distinguished Men of Brass, band
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The All Ways, rock band
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Danger Acts
LionDanceMe, lion dance team

Youth Acts
Lil’ Starr, dancer
Danielle Stallings, singer
Unity in Motion, dancers

Aerial/Acrobatics Acts
Donovan and Rebecca, acrobats

Dance Acts
LCD – Lisa Clark Dancers, dancers
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The Scott Brothers, dancers
Inspire the Fire, singers/dancers

Novelty Acts
David Garibaldi and His CMYKs, painter/dance group
Michael Nejad, instrument builder
Rock Star Juggler Mike Price, juggler
Big Barry, singer

Solo Dance
Turf, dancer
Lindsey Norton, dancer
Elusive, dancer