America’s Got Talent 2012 Week 4 Videos

In case you missed or want to watch again some of the acts from week 4 of America’s Got Talent 2012, we’ve embedded them below. Which ones were your favorites on last night’s show?

Sebastian El Charro
Sebastian De El Charro is a 10-year-old mariachi singer who proves that big voices can come in small packages.

David “The Bullet” Smith
David “The Bullet” Smith takes the judges and the audience outside to demonstrate his amazing skill: he shoots himself out of a giant cannon.

Ganbaatar Contortion Sisters
These twin contortionists demonstrate their amazing flexibility and remarkable balance in an act that impresses the crowd and judges alike.

The Tinderbox Circus Sideshow
The members of The Tinderbox Circus Sideshow drop bricks on themselves, throw darts into each other and staple posters to one another.

Tim Poe
Tim Poe is an Iraq War veteran who suffered an injury that left him with a stutter, except when he sings beautiful country songs.

The Bandbaz Brothers
The Bandbaz Brothers Acrobats are a nephew-and-uncle duo of acrobats who perform a mesmerizing balancing act.

Manly Price
Cowboy impressionist Manly Price demonstrates his collection of silly voices for the judges.

Lulu is a big girl who has been dancing for as long as she can remember. Now she wants to get back on the pole and show the world what she’s made of.

Edon Pinchot
Edon is a mild-mannered kid who surprises the judges with his silky-smooth singing voice.

Joe Castillo
Joe Castillo uses light and sand to tell stories. In his demonstration to the judges, he creates a beautiful, patriotic sand painting.