Distinguished Men of Brass Play and Dance All the Way to Vegas

Even before this performance during Tampa’s auditions, I was excited to see what the “Distinguished Men of Brass” had to offer. There was a little teaser of it early on in the show, and I could tell it was going to be good.

d’ Mo Brass, as the group calls themselves on their Facebook page, based in Tampa, combined playing brass instruments with marching percussion to create a pretty unique act.

They were entertaining. They were talented. They were unique. And they were humble. What more can you ask for from an act like this? Anyone who has frequented Busch Gardens in Tampa may recognize these fellas. For quite some time, Distinguished Men of Brass coined the name “The Sheiks of Morocco” as they entertained visitors at Busch Gardens. Here are a few videos of their performances there:

During their audition, the leader of the group mentioned they formed “Distinguished Men of Brass” after they lost their jobs. Since the group no longer performs at Busch Gardens they have found work performing at different venues and functions. Their website says they are available for weddings, conventions, festivals, and more. It’s evident that they are diverse in the type of music they perform, and they can do anything from TV Themes and Big Band to R&B and Pop.

This group definitely has experience at pleasing crowds with their talents, and they have plenty of diverse acts that I feel will keep their performances fresh and new every week. I’d love to see them go far!