New York-native Comedian Gets Audience Laughing in Night Two of AGT New York Auditions

There’s been many comedians on America’s Got Talent over the years. Some good, some bad. Last night, one of the better ones I’ve seen made his debut.

Tom Cotter, a native  to New York, has been trying to break into the comedy scene for many years. Although he has appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, the Late Late Show, and even filmed a half-hour special on Comedy Central back in 2003, he is hoping that America’s Got Talent might be his ticket to fame.

From the moment he started his act, Cotter had both the judges and the audience laughing. Sharon hit it right on when she said he was right on cue with his timing. I thought his jokes were pretty funny myself. Check out his audition here:

What do you think? Is he million dollar quality? Even though he isn’t a well-known comedian, he has won several awards of the years, including Seattle’s International Stand-Up Comedy Competition and was voted Best Stand-Up at the Las Vegas Comedy festival.

Cotter is currently married to a fellow-comedian, Kerri Louise, and has three children. According to his Wikipedia page, his acts are mainly composed of one-liners and double entredres. His website features more of his work, his touring schedule, as well as the option to buy his CD.

In case you need a little more convincing to this man’s talent, or perhaps you just want a few “genuine laughs,” as Howard Stern put it during his audition, check out this video.

I’m definitely a fan, although I have a few other acts I like better. As far as comedians go, he is pretty funny and I hope to see him make it past Las Vegas. Overall, most of his jokes were pretty family-friendly (though who knows, maybe he tamed it down for the show) and he seems like a nice, humble man. That’s a typical quality in AGT winners, right?