Wordspit, the illest Impresses AGT Judges and Audiences in New York Auditions

One of the best America’s Got Talent acts of the night? Wordspit, the illest! At least in my opinion. And from what the AGT judges said, I know I’m not in the minority for thinking that.

In case you missed it…Here’s the audition:

I love that they actually have instruments involved. I think this is a highly talented group of people.

So what’s the story behind Wordspit, the Illest?

Well, Wordspit is the main artist in the group. He was born in Brooklyn and discovered a love for writing lyrics in the third grade. Since then, he has continue to grow in his talent and eventually combined his talents with those who auditioned with him on America’s Got Talent. Wordspit has recently gained more fame when his talent was featured in McDonald’s television and radio campaign. There is quite a bit of Wordspit’s music (as well as Wordspit, the illest!) floating throughout the Internet, and I think this is definitely not the last we will see of him. What did you think of them?