Howard Sterns Speculates on the Upcoming America’s Got Talent 2012 Season

A few days ago, America’s Got Talent’s newest judge, Howard Stern was featured on Jimmy Fallon. I have to admit, I was among the skeptics who weren’t quite sure how Stern was going to do on this season of AGT. He’s always seemed like a crude and rude radio show host, and I wondered if America’s Got Talent wouldn’t be so family friendly. These clips from Late Night with Jimmy Fallon may have slightly won me over. He wasn’t as crude as I was expecting (though be aware, a few of the things he says aren’t exactly g-rated) and I think he will do a pretty good job. I do appreciate cruel honesty (not like a certain American Idol judge he mentioned in the first clip) in these shows, and I’m sure he will definitely bring that to the table. This will be an interesting season though with some very interesting dynamics. Only a few days left until the premiere!


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