Il Divo on America’s Got Talent, Stupid Viewers and Howie Mandel Naked

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I really enjoyed the performance of Il Divo on America’s Got Talent. It was a full scale production with some great singers. I loved it. In case you missed it, there’s the video below.

Il Divo Performs!

Turns out, some viewers didn’t agree with me and hated their performance. However, their response says it all. Here’s one example (although there were others that said something similar).

I thought it was America got Talent Not Mexico got talent, hated the group that sang the mexican song!!!! was not a good pick for the show that is titled America!!!!

Really? Did they say Il Divo sang a Mexican song? Really? First, that was Italian, not Mexican. Second, the idea that American’s don’t enjoy and don’t represent other cultures is just silly. America is the melting pot of cultures. I like to describe America as taking the best from every culture and enjoying all the best parts of the other cultures. One of those is Italian music. To say singing something in Italian isn’t American is just stupid. Hopefully this person is in the minority.

Even more viewers complained about Howie Mandel being naked on the show with many remarking that America’s Got Talent is a family show. I actually agree with them wholeheartedly. It was poor taste on the producers part and should have never happened. They could have made the joke with just the door shot. The naked Howie Mandel was inappropriate, unnecessary and terrible TV. Seems in line with the theme throughout this AGT season of the judges being terrible.