Final 5 AGT Finalists

Time to take a look at the final 5 America’s Got Talent finalists and discuss what kind of chance each one has at making the top 5 (at least it looks like it’s going to go AGT top 10 and then AGT top 5).

Landon Swank – I agree with whichever judge made the comment about Landon needing one perfect trick to make it into the top 5. He’s still got an uphill battle since magicians have a challenge getting votes. However, he has the look and the presentation to make it happen. I’m a little doubtful he’s got a trick so good that he’ll blow our minds. However, I hope he surprises me. I also hope he brings back his fiance. Otherwise, I’m not voting for him.

Anna Graceman – This girl really reminds me of Bianca Ryan. She doesn’t have quite as big of a voice as Bianca did, but she’s got more soul in her voice. I like it a lot and I imagine America does too. I’ll peg this one on song choice. The right song and she could easily win. The wrong song choice and she might not make the top 5.

Smage Brothers Riding Shows – I have to admit that I was impressed with their last performance. I thought they’d plateaued last performance, but they somehow found some ways to do new tricks in such a confined space. The only thing that does partially annoy me is that the judges have been acting like this is a new act. Well, it’s not really. Haven’t they heard of Travis Pastrano and the Nitro Circus? It’s a much bigger show, but has even bigger tricks. That part aside, I’ll be interested to see what they can do to make the act better given the stage limitations.

Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr. – I guess this is a pet peeve post. Landau does have the voice of Sinatra. However, he’s not even close to as smooth of a performer as Sinatra. That can’t really even be compared. Sinatra had both the voice and the moves. So, let’s settle down on the Sinatra references. This said, I bet there’s a bunch of Sinatra lovers that are viewers of the show. He’s a safe top 5 and very possibly a winner.

Silhouettes – I totally disagreed with the judges on this one. I thought the performance was interesting, unique, different and great to watch. The first half was really fascinating and you didn’t know what they’d do next. The second half with the globe could be refined a bit, but I was glad to see that they’re still providing something unique and interesting. With that said, they’ll need to find a way to blow us away again like they did when we first saw them or I think they won’t make the top 5.