Anna Graceman Auditions on America’s Got Talent – Finally a Star

This year has been a bit of a disappointment for me. The show has been entertaining. The acts have been eclectic and provided a good laugh here and there, but I really haven’t seen many (if any) stars go across the stage yet. Think back on the past episodes and think if there are any acts that you just absolutely can’t wait to see again. I really don’t have that many.

Although last night’s Anna Graceman Audition might be the exception. When I saw the early clip of her, I was thinking I wouldn’t like her that much. She didn’t seem to have as good of a voice as say a Bianca Ryan who was also a BIG voice in a little body. However, Anna Graceman had a great performance and her personality on stage matched her performance. To me, she’s likely one of the only acts I can’t wait to see again on AGT 2011 Vegas Week.

Here’s a video of Anna Graceman’s audition in case you missed it: