Scripting Sharon Osbourne on America’s Got Talent

Ok, so we all kind of know that America’s Got Talent is a show that’s produced. That’s why they have people called producers that are working to produce the most entertaining television possible. Plus, we know that shows like this have writers that’s job is to help the producers reach their goal. Despite knowing this, it gets incredibly annoying when it’s completely obvious that the show has been scripted.

In this case, I’m referring to the judges comments. Piers and Howie have actually done a great job not showing this and so props to them. However, Sharon Osbourne has been TERRIBLE at this for this entire season. Has anyone else been as annoyed as I have?

I keep thinking every show that they’ll finally tell Sharon to stop looking down at her card and reading what she’s suppose to say. How obvious is it that she continually has to look down at her queue card to read what she’s suppose to say to the acts? It seriously bugs the heck out of me.

At least tell me a story that you took a few notes about their performance and that’s why you’re looking down. Maybe even just do what most people would do and read what you’re suppose to say while Piers is making his comments. Can you really not remember the 2 or 3 points that you’re suppose to say about the acts?

If you haven’t noticed it, watch it again. Sharon will make a point…then look down at her card…read…then look back up to start making her next point.

Personally, I’d love to see America’s Got Talent bring over the female judge from Britain’s Got talent: Amanda Holden. She’s fantastic on that show. A great mix of honesty and she doesn’t just get bulled over by the male judges on the panel. Doesn’t hurt that she’s pleasant to look at as well.