America’s Got Talent Finalist – Studio One Young Beast Society

Since this was a phone interview, I got to interview one member of the Studio One Young Beast Society. Next year, I’m going to have to make the extra effort to go to LA and do the interviews in person.

The girl from Studio One Young Beast Society that I interviewed was named Kelly. She was quite delightful and a great interview. She had a really nice energy to her that I enjoyed.

First up, I asked where the Studio One Young Beast Society came from. They are a part of a larger group called Studio One in Orlando. For America’s Got Talent they just took 8 from that group and added on the “Young Beast Society” to the name. As we talked, you could really tell that Kelly and the crew were really happy to be representing Orlando and dance on AGT.

I asked her about what she thought of the other dance shows like America’s Best Dance Crew (ABDC) and So You Think You Can Dance (SYTYCD). She said, they like the other dance shows like ABDC, but they couldn’t go on that show since many of the dancers in their act are too young to go on that show. So, they are very happy that America’s Got Talent gave them the opportunity to show their stuff.

Kelly described that they are really focused on doing some creative choreography and bringing something different each time they perform. In fact, she mentioned a few times that they were getting hurt. They’ve been working on a bunch of new tricks and while practicing them they’ve been getting hurt in the process. These injuries have made it to prepare for the weekly shows while still keeping their act fresh and new.

When asked about the million dollar prize, Kelly said they would divide the winnings equally between the dancers, but that she thought many of them would use the winnings to create a dance studio in Orlando where they can practice and teach. First, because they are practicing in a gym which she was grateful to have, but wasn’t the best conditions to practice dancing. Plus, opening their own studio would help to create jobs for them to be able to continue doing their dancing full time.

Kelly was fantastic and I bet it would be a lot of fun to hang out with this crew or even go dancing. Granted, I’d sit on the sideline and just enjoy them do their thing. Plus, how cool is it that they want to start a dance studio if they win. That’s a really fantastic idea.